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2019: Atiku needs prayers to win – Moses

2019: Atiku needs prayers to win – Moses

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“Changing Buhari is going to bring more corruption to Nigeria, is it not the same prayers we prayed before that we are still praying today”

Emmanuel Clement and Austine Patrick

Apostle Sediq Moses, the General Overseer of Christ Holy Mountain ministries, speaks on the state of the nation and the 2019 poll.

Nigerians are complaining over this present government, what’s your take on it?

Nigerians will say that they are passing through difficulties, let me tell you, Nigeria is not passing through any difficulty, we are the one using our mouth to curse this country, because what you say will come
to pass, when people began to curse this country I was warning them, Buhari is this, Buhari is that, what was your prayer and what was your complain before God brought Buhari for change, you want corruption off Nigeria, now how do you want someone to help you remove corruption? N10 billion that is to be use to do something good in the country, maybe the money was given to you by NNPC, you took the money for your personnel use, now Nigerians are suffering, big men that are rich will not see that as corruption because they have all hidden their money, now Buhari has said if ‘I catch you with the ten billion naira you will be in trouble,’ only what Buhari said, brought the money you stole to the country for development.

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Most of the money taken from such people has been deployed to developing the country, which is not known to most Nigerians. Changing Buhari is going to bring more corruption to Nigeria, is it not the same prayers we prayed before that we are still praying today, we prayed for change and change has come, the first thing we desire was that Buhari should remove corruption, Buhari said before you can start enjoying that change I will first remove corruption, there has been prophecies that Nigeria will come out from the present mess if you want Nigeria to come out from this mess then join the president in the fight against corruption.

You said if we remove Buhari more corrupt leaders will emerge can you please explain better?

It is only God that has the power to rule over the nation not man; Nigeria has a spirit of corruption that needs to be removed. President Muhammadu Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria; change Buhari more corrupt ones will emerge. When you kill a thief you have not remove the stealing spirit from him, sending a thief away he will come back steal from you, until the sprit in him is removed. So that mistake you are seeing in Buhari should be changed before he leaves the sit otherwise the sprit behind his mistake will enter another person.

What can you say concerning the state of the nation?

If there is any bloodshed in 2019, civilians will not test power for a very long time. In a vision, I saw military men on the street of Nigeria with anger on their faces, they will be very strict than what we had ever experienced in civil rule, even when they see ladies dress anyhow, they will flog hell out of those ladies. I also saw militants on the street of Nigeria with more powerful weapon with them, new militants will be emerging from the north with a new name, the militant from the east will also rise up while southern militants are also on the street, the west will suddenly come up with their own militant group. If anything happens to Buhari, hands will be pointed at PDP, my advice is that PDP should stay out of trouble, if Atiku Abubakar and the whole of PDP members can stay out of trouble with their hear ready to listen to a man of God who God has shown the real vision not by their great name but by what they said that came to pass, I see Atiku Abubakar becoming the next president of Nigeria.

But Atiku Abubakar should start by putting PDP and its members back together, because there are some PDP members that are not happy with him emerging as the presidential candidate.

Prior to 2015 election, lots of pastors prophesied that Goodluck Jonathan was going to be re-elected, but he lost in the end. Should we say they did not hear clearly from God?

Most men of God want to raise back to life what God has decided to kill, no man or prophet can raise back to life who God has decided to kill, the bible says God kills and he also makes alive, it was God that rejected Saul even while Saul was still on the throne, Samuel begged God for him but God said ‘why are you begging me for a man I have rejected.’I remain Apostle Sediq Moses when I hear some men of God prophesying that Jonathan will win 2015 election, I said it in my prophesy, Jonathan will lose the re-election, if you doubt it go to my YouTube channel. It was the same thing I told the former president of Ghana when he called me on phone for his re-election, I told him he should not go for re -election because God has find for himself another person, it’s not that we are not prophesying but some journalists decide the message and the prophecy that gets to the politicians, I am Apostle Sediq Moses, not by great names but it is by what you’ve said that has come to pass. The person a vision is shown to know better than another person, because it is him that God as decided to show the vision to.

What do you have to say about the APC and the PDP ahead of 2019?

Atiku Abubakar should bring together all angry PDP members because I saw that some percentages of the so called PDP members are secretly working for Buhari while they are still in PDP. Atiku should
shy away from making trouble because if anything happens to Buhari, fingers will be pointed at Atiku, though God is not ready to take the mantle from APC.

But I see Atiku becoming the president of this great country if he can only listen and be obedient with what God is showing me. I saw Atiku winning but Buhari did not hand over the power to him; rather he gave the power to military. If Atiku will only seek God that works in the Spirit and we can feel it physically I will pray for Atiku and Atiku will win 2019 election after the prayers Buhari by himself will give the power to Atiku without trouble.

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