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2019 Elections: “The Real Reason Igbos Will Massively Vote For Buhari” – Orji Kalu

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Former of Abia State governor,  Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has assured his party members that come 2019 election, there must be a change of party in Abia state. He said that PDP has failed the people of Abia State and its time for the masses to come together and send them back home. He also revealed that President Buhari loves Ndigbo because he is doing what former presidents Obasanjo, late Yaradua and Goodluck Jonathan could not do for Ndi Igbo when they ruled the country.

According to Kalu who spoke at a meeting with top APC stakeholders in Abia state held at his Igbere country home, Camp Neya, yesterday, come rain or shine, there must be a change of party in Abia. He said,

” Come rain, come shine, there must be a change of party in Abia. Abia belongs to APC because we can’t be where our President is not. Our party is committed to free education, we are committed to paying pensioners their their money, we are committed to free health care, we are committed to all those things because they are things that make democracy to be.”

“It painful that Abia State government cannot pay workers their salary, they can’t pay secondary and primary schools teachers their salary. They cannot pay pensioners what is due to them. That’s not what modern democracy stands for. Modern democracy stands for equity, justice, fairness.”

” I was governor for 8 years, we paid civil servants their salaries, we paid local government workers their salaries, we paid pensioners and everybody what is due for them. ”

“Modern democracy no longer operates in our state and it’s very sad. That’s why APC has come to save our people. The power to make this happen depend on you people. Go and get your voters card to change this PDP government in our state.”

“When you elect people during the primaries into various positions, whether as governor or House of Representatives or Senator, you should elect people that will be able contend with these people base on popularity and capability, so that our people will not suffer again. ”

” When you elect people who are not qualified, because they gave you money, you will suffer for it for good four years. So, don’t make mistakes by electing people who will embezzle your money

“President Buhari is doing a lot of work which PDP didn’t do in their 16 years of ruling this country. The second Niger Bridge is being constructed by him, this shows that he is competent to rule this country.”

“Our South East governors promised to build the second Niger Bridge but they didn’t do it . Obasanjo promised and failed. Goodluck Jonathan promised to do it but he did not care to build the bridge for Ndigbo. I don’t know why people will say that Buhari hates the Igbos because I know Buhari very well. He is a friend to Ndigbo. Am I not friend to President Buhari? I am very close to Buhari and I know that come 2019 election, Abia State will give President Buhari 75 percent of their votes “.

Kalu also said that the hate speech on the social media needs to stop because it is making Nigeria to look like a bad nation.

” No matter how bad the country is, Nigeria remains our country and there is no other place we can run to. President Buhari doesn’t have house in America or Germany. He only has a house in Daura and we should respect him him for that, we should stop calling our leaders names on social media and painting our country bad before the world.”

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