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2019: Only a democrat can solve Nigeria’s problems – Bafarawa

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Dr. Attahiru Bafarawa, former Sokoto governor and PDP presidential aspirant, has said that only a true democrat could deliver sound leadership and solve Nigeria’s development problems .

Attahiru Bafarawa

Bafarawa, who spoke on Saturday in Jos, at a meeting with PDP supporters in Plateau, opined that President Muhammadu Buhari’s military background had made it difficult for him to handle issues on democratic governance.

“I am a true democrat capable of taking Nigeria out of its numerous problems. We need true democrats to pull us out of the woods. What we have now is not true democracy,” he said.

Bafarawa said that his main strength was his integrity, claiming he had never been involved in corrupt tendencies in the course of his various leadership roles.

The aspirant, however, said that he would support whoever emerged as the PDP presidential candidate.

Wooing the delegates, he urged them to vote wisely, saying that they must vote according to their conscience.

“I am a man of integrity and have never been corrupt. When I was governor of Sokoto State, I left N13 billion in the state’s coffers after serving for eight years.

“I did not stay in the government house and was not even interested in salary. I am not a poor man. I am contented and I want everybody to be contented too.

“The election is not about Bafarawa. It is about Nigeria. If I lose the primaries, I will support the candidate because Nigeria needs the right person to take charge of its affairs,” he said.

The Plateau chairman of PDP, Mr Damishi Sango, in a remark, urged the aspirant to work toward a peaceful Nigeria if elected its president, and commended Bafarawa for running a matured campaign.


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