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2019: PDP is hungry, we are ready to debate with them ― Amaechi


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Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi

THE Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi has described the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as hungry people who want to desperately come back to power and start looting the wealth of the country.

The Minister also said that the All Progressives Congress (APC), is willing to engage the PDP on a debate, and threatened to expose the contract scam under the watch of the former ruling party.

Speaking at a Special Town Hall Meeting on Infrastructure in Ibadan, Oyo State, Amaechi said: “We are ready for the candidate in PDP to compare what they did in when they were government to what we have done in 3 years, we are fixing the Abeokuta road, it was fixed, we wouldn’t have been fixing it now, if the rails were working, we wouldn’t be building new ones now, so we are open to that debate.

“They said we should not talk about corruption, that we should talk about issues, what are the issues, the money they used in building Dubai if they ate it, would they have built Dubai. So, why did they say we should not talk about corruption?

“We are saying that the reason why we are developing railways, fixing roads is because we have not been able to take any money, so if they are open for debate, we are ready, each person will show the houses he has, each person will show what he did with his money, how much you got, we are ready for a debate.

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“In advance we are giving them the warning that we have calculated what each government has gotten, how did we get in the 3 years that we have been in the office, how much did they get in 3 years of their administration, we will not go up to 16 years, we will leave it at 3 years.”

Addressing their supporters, Amaechi said: “Wake up in the morning go and queue up if not by the time you wake up, you are out of government, you will hand over power to people that for 3 years they will sit down the eat, they are hungry, just ordinary 3 years, they are desperate.

“Government is like feeding bottle, just 3 years we took away the feeding bottle, everybody is crying, if you don’t wake up that morning very early with your Permanent Voters’ Card to go and vote and keep us in power, if you sleep and they use the remaining money they have kept to buy votes and vote us out, then it is over.”

He further noted that: “There is a company called GE, they told me that for 11 years they were begging Nigerian government to give them Narrow Gauge, they said hand it over to us, we will get $7 billion to rebuild it from Lagos to Kano, Port Harcourt to Maiduguri, Federal Government refused, and they were awarding small contracts on that Narrow Gauge.

“The MD told me that there was one they took a decision, by the time he left Abuja to Lagos, government has cancelled the contract, I don’t want to call the names they awarded it to, when the debate starts if they dare make mistake and talk nonsense, I will call the names.

“The difference is that I have not worked under them, but they have left documents of me if they open their mouths, I will call names of contractors, how can a politician be given a contract to rebuild a railway, what does he know about a railway? He goes with the money without doing anything and they blame Buhari.”

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