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6 Things To Expect At The Wedding Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

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It’s less than 24 hours to the wedding of the year, as London prepares for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Hollywood actress Meghan Markle.

The whole world has been waiting for May 19th since Prince Harry proposed late last year and information mostly from the bride’s family has kept the world up to date concerning the wedding plans.

The rant of unsupportive family members doesn’t stop the wedding from happening and the happy couple are not too bothered with whoever is not happy about the nuptials.

So what is to be expected from the wedding?

1. The One Dress people can’t wait to see

This is the clothing most people are most excited to see is the bride. Meghan’s dress is being kept a secret but according to experts she is going to be wearing a custom-made dress from a top designer. We will just have to wait for her to come out of the carriage before we know what she looks like.

2. The wedding details

The wedding is to hold at Windsor Chapel and invitations were sent to about 600 of the couple’s friends and family. Many government officials are also invited. Weather experts have said they expect a mostly sunny day for the royal wedding.

Sunshine would be helpful, as the couple has chosen to ride in an open vehicle, a carriage, for the parade following the ceremony. So the parade after the wedding will not be disturbed by any means.

3. Wedding press

Around 80 international broadcasters, including some from around the world, are expected to report on the wedding. More than 5,000 British and foreign media and support employees have permission to cover the action in Windsor, which is a town little less than 200 kilometers from London.

Millions of people around the world are expected to watch the day’s events on television or online. Many plan to hold or attend parties to watch the press coverage.

4. The wedding party

According to Kensington Palace officials Harry’s nephew and niece, four-year-old George and three-year-old Charlotte, will take part in the ceremony. They are the two oldest children of Harry’s brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple’s third child, Prince Louis, was born last month and will not be attending.

Ten children in all will have roles in the service.

Prince William will be Prince Harry’s best man. Markle has chosen not to have a maid of honor for the ceremony.

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5. Dress Code

Guests of the wedding are expected to follow church and royal rules, or at the very least basic British tradition, in behavior and appearance.

Permissible clothing for men in military uniforms, morning coats or business suits with restrained colors. For women, a “day dress with hat.”

6. Wedding Reception

The reception is going to take place at the retreat grounds of Windsor Castle. The reception is to be hosted by Prince Charles, father of the groom, who will be hosting only 250 people.

The queen though will be hosting all 600 guests at the Frogmore House. Sir Elton John is to render a performance also at the reception.

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