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76-Year-old man drags wife number 13 to court or playing Baba Ijebu

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• Another Sues Wife For Disrespecting His Mother
A 76-year-old man has taken his 13th wife to the Oshodi/Isolo customary court for what he describes as her excessive love for playing fixed odds alias Baba Ijebu.

The plaintiff, Adedayo Ajayi, who has thirteen wives in total, stated that the wife in question has refused to stop despite several entreaties on his part. When questioned by the court, the wife, Lateefat Adedayo, told the court that she engaged in the act because the plaintiff refused to give her a reasonable amount of money to cater for all their kids and herself. “He only gives me N500 a day to take care of all the children which doesn’t go anywhere”.

Adedayo cried to the court that he is tired of the marriage and wants her to leave the house with the children, stating that he is capable of taking care of the house.

Lateefat refused saying, “this is just an excuse to send me out as his plan is to bring in another wife, which will make us 14 in total, besides, the children get homesick whenever they leave their father’s house”, she said. She told the court to tell him allow her stay in his house for the sake of the kids.

The case was adjourned till the 3rd of December as she promised to stop gambling.

Meanwhile, one Emeka Vincent has pleaded with the court to dissolve his marriage because his wife disrespected his mother. The father of one also claimed his wife, Melisa Vincent, is not trustworthy as she duped his friend of a huge amount of money which she used in opening her business. Speaking with The Guardian, the respondent said, “He only married me because of my business. He is involved in gambling which I taught him and after running the first bet, he won N80, 000 but instead of spoiling me, he only bought baby food, pampers and lavished the rest on his girlfriends outside.”

“I have given my wife another chance to apologize to my mother and since she has refused, I’m running out of patience and want this marriage annulled,” he said. When asked if she wants the marriage dissolved, she didn’t respond.

The case was adjourned to 20th of November.

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