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A Quick Guide To Online Shopping

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With the advent of social media and the web, shopping has been made much easier. Now, everything can be found online, every single service. From wares, massages to perishables. Everything! You practically do not have to step out of the house anymore. You can get someone to get your groceries for you. However, it is always advisable to take certain precautionary measures when shopping online. Especially for items that need to be worn.

Online shopping. Photo: Medium

Here is a quick, four-step guide to shopping online:

Step One

Do your research. Check the comments and feedback sections; there should be a dissatisfied customer lurking. If there isn’t a hint or whiff of any, or you can handle the issues you find with a product or service, then you are good to go.

Step Two

Check the site or page’s refund policy before ordering anything. Always ask if you can pay on delivery; most of them do and some do not. It’s always safer to go with the ones that do. That way, when it doesn’t fit or if it isn’t what you ordered, you can easily return it. However, not all vendors follow the return policy. Either way, try to avoid it and ask specific and precise questions.

Online shopping. Photo The Petronics

Step Three

Be very wary of pages that advertise using only mannequins or foreign models or celebrities, imploring you to pay for an order from yonder. It is advisable not to buy from those at all. There are boutique sites and stores that have other products made by both local and international wholesale brands, and these would have all the necessary information and policies that they can be held accountable on.

Step Four

There are hubs that advertise a wide range of vendors ranging from clothing items to perishables. One of these is BUB (Bring Ur Business) Lagos. Using hubs like this, you can compare prices of products easily. It’s a win-win!

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