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Abolition CRK/IRK, bane of religious intolerance

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ReligiousA Professor of Management Studies, Professor Sani Lugga, has identified the abolition of Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) and Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) from the school curriculum as one of the factors responsible for religious intolerance in the country.

Lugga said this while delivering a lecture titled “The Essence of Morals in Education” at the 12th Crescent University, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Founder’s Day Lecture, last Thursday.

The lecture was in commemoration of the 84th birthday of the former Judge of the Hague and the Proprietor of Crescent University, Prince Bola Ajibola.

The Waziri of Kastina noted that the two religious studies teach morals and principles that helped in moulding lives of children in schools, to become better persons in the society.

He said that education acquired without morals is useless while insisting that the study of History which was also removed from school curriculum had a great negative impact on the lives of the younger generation.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Conflict Management said there would not have been Boko Haram insurgency, Niger Delta militancy, livestock rustling and farmers/herdsmen clashes if Nigerians have acquired the proper knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits and practising it in conformity with good character and proper behaviour.

“The major problems in Nigeria today are caused by lack of morals in education. It is an indisputable fact that for the past 40 years or so, falling standard of education has been the bane of Nigeria’s education system.

“Up to the time the Federal Government abolished Islamic and Christian Religious Knowledge, these subjects were compulsory up to Form Three in the secondary school. That means by the time boys and girls graduate from secondary schools at an average age of 18 years, they at least have a fair knowledge of true principles of Islam or Christianity.

“That made it impossible for religious fundamentalists to inculcate in them their own brand of Islam or Christianity. That was why religious fundamentalism only sprang up in Nigeria after abolishing of IRK and CRK.

“Today’s flagrant disregard for the educational moral principles of distinguishing right from wrong in Nigeria has led to conflicts and security challenges that are threatening the corporate existence of the country. Disregard for morals in education has led to religious, ethnic, political, and communal conflicts,” he added.

Ajibola in his address said that the University established on Islamic faith placed a premium on the issue of morality, submitting that education devoid of morality and the fear of God portends serious danger to the country.

“Let me put it on record once again that in this University, the issue of morality and fear of Almighty Allah is of paramount importance. It is what we call our education plus.

” It is the hallmark of this institution and the pivot on which our academic excellence must necessarily and always revolve. Education devoid of morality and fear of God portends danger for the society and this is the reason why the content of moral rectitude and character enjoys a pride of place in our institution’s programmes.

“We are glad that this resolve has paid off time and again in the kind of graduates which Crescent University has produced over the years. They have made us proud, and indeed, they have made themselves and their parents proud by excelling both in the industry and postgraduate studies within and outside Nigeria,” he added.

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