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After election, the journey still tough

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Nigerians, credible elections

This is a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari. As an interested Nigerian, I acknowledge that winning an election in the Nigerian context is indeed celebratory; after all, it is not easy to go into a civil venture considered war and do or die affair, especially against a loaded opposition whose chest of political war arsenal is heavily intimidating and come out victorious.

Mr. President, I consider Nigeria lucky to still have you at this auspicious moment of our history that the world is waiting on the country to unleash her potentials or prospects of greatness. This is not your first time in power and we know the impact you wrought on the country in your time as a military head of state. We know the circumstances of your ouster less than two years into your transformational, national redemptive mission and we know how the affairs of the nation have been run since then.

Negative reports about Sugar, campaign of calumny from mischief makers ― Family

Mr. President, there are so many genuine concerns of Nigerians, concerns that predate the fourth republic, indeed enduring concerns of national cohesion, security and development. Nigeria at almost 60, Nigeria is yet to arrive among the countries she started with in development process. The country is challenged by mass poverty. Our social infrastructures are generally dilapidated and public service seriously compromised not satisfactory serving citizen needs.

Mr President, I will rather say no rejoicing yet because the journey to build Nigeria is just beginning with your reelection. You have just a grace of four years to prove to cynics and rivals, and indeed millions of Nigerians who invested their hopes of brighter, rewarding future of Nigeria in you because of your capacity, capability, reliability and integrity. I also trust you. I believe in you. But I also know that the dynamics and complexities of our polity are capable of thwarting any genuine intention, vision or action. Yet Nigerians are generally an impatient lot to tolerate excuse.

So, Dear Mr. President, you will need to ride over the overwhelming storms of Nigerian politics and overcome mundane yet crippling distractions in making choices and decisions because our nation no longer has time for promises and experiments. What the masses are clamouring for is delivering on your compact, charter or the contract that you entered with them upon which they returned you to power.

Serious financial crimes and corruption are still endemic, even afflicting the sanctum of justice and the hallowed chambers of the legislature. Discontent is palpable over representation and access to power. In the midst of this, the engine of government, the civil service is disgruntled over paltry pay in an environment where the political industry festers with high turnover without tangible dividends of democracy to the electorate  these political office holders and lawmakers represent or who were voted to serve their interest.

For any meaningful development to be witnessed in Nigeria, our country must first be at peace with herself and with her neighbours. In the past, our country has wasted resources, even lives in the nature of our economic management that is heavily dependent on and foreign dominated as well as in the crises and irritants that have locked down our potentials because of their security and productivity implications.

Abdulwarees Solanke


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