Agile methodology targets best practice for orgnisational growth

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By Moses Nosike

In order to eliminate workplace wastes and conserve scarce resources in Nigeria especially at this time of economic recession, Agile Advisor Nigeria, saddled with the responsibility of  helping organisations,  institutions, individuals discover best practice for result oriented said there are few organisations that are using Agile methodology in their operation.

In a media chart in Lagos with the Founder/Enterprise Agile Coach, Abby Osoba, said, “Agile methodology was introduced to transform Nigeria and the global work place. Its objective is  to improve the shortfall of project management with more focus on efficiency and effectiveness, innovation and  approach that save time and money for individuals and  organisation. The methodology is  not new among developed countries except in Nigeria.

According to her, “there are about 5 organisations we have observed in Nigeria on their own way and capacity practicing Agile methodology. The number cannot be up to 50 because people are not aware of it. One of our major aims is to create the awareness by educating and empowering individual practitioners. We believe this is something that would equip Nigerians to compete in the global employment market.

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This  is a period of general economic slow down, so  value adding service through Agile is one direction to achieve recovery.  A lot of organisation are not aware of the benefits. When they hear Agile  or project management, they always associate it with technology development; IT and software. We are in Nigeria to let people know that Agile is not only for technology; it is equally for other sectors of the economy: real estate, restaurant owners, fashion designers, telcos, etc.

Individuals, government institutions at the local, state and federal levels, business owners and  entrepreneurs will find it of immense benefit because they need to be agile. It allows those who imbibe it to save time and money; provide best value service and product to customers who will keep increasing their net value, profile and patronage. It will also help guide individuals on how to develop a career part especially now when a lot of  people complain about recession and lack of jobs, not knowing what to do to overcome it.”

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In addition, software consultant, Taiwo Akinde, said that Agile mindset and methodology was not only applicable to software sub-sector but applicable to every area of human endeavor. “The methodology helps to access and improve on the things organisations do at frequent intervals pointing out it has been adopted mostly by telcos across the world even software industry has adopted Agile the most.”

Meanwhile, Abby Osoba commences with a new series focusing on Fashion & Beauty.

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