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Alexis Galleries reschedules Destiny, Femme exhibitions

Alexis Galleries reschedules Destiny, Femme exhibitions

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By Osa Mbonu

The first in-house female exhibition of Alexis Galleries, Victoria Island, Lagos, titled Destiny will now hold earlier than originally scheduled. The new date is Saturday, March 2, 2019. The change of date became necessary due to the postponement of the gubernatorial election to March 9, the same day the Destiny and Femme exhibitions were originally fixed.

Destiny and Femme will run alongside each other to celebrate the International Women’s Day which comes up on March 8, as well as launch a campaign on violence against the girl-child.

Destiny is expected to feature about 70 artworks by young female artists who are mostly in their 20s. Some of them are known and some unknown, but all the artists will enjoy equal participation because Alexis Galleries believe in giving young artists a platform to showcase their talents.

The general theme for Destiny, just as  Femme, is ‘Violence Against Women’ which interrogates dysfunctional behaviors by an intimate partner or ex-partner that causes physical, sexual or psychological harm, including physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse and controlling behaviours. Rape is the most prevalent. In all that, women are often blamed when these things take place and some keep it to themselves due to stigmatization.

Artists billed to showcase their works include Onyinye Zennia, Folasade  Adebowale, Jolaoluwal  Lawal, Obi Chigozie, Oby Okala Frances, Arogunmati   Omoyemi, Uche Okonkwo, Imuede  Adulphina,   Bertha Onyekachi, Kesa Freda, Augustina Chinelo Obi, Sophia Omoh, Charity Ide, Ayo Olamide Adesola, Gbojubola Obatuyi, and Lasode Opemipo.

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Specifically,  Kesa Freda will exhibit her work titled Fruitfulness which the artist said is aimed at encouraging women to be fruitful, “not only in the sense of childbirth but also in being productive economically.”

Folasade  Adebowale’s work, Take it or leave it, will be on display. “This work is in circles because life itself is in circles,” says Adebowale. Her second work titled The Favoured one will also be showcased.

Why me? a work by  Okala Frances is also expected to be on duty that day, while  Imuede   Adulphina’s Lily which speaks about the delicacy of the woman as lily flower will also be viewed.

Other works that will be exhibited that day include Gold fish has no hiding place  and Virtuous Woman, a theme the artists, Uche Okonkwo, said she lifted from the Bible; Arogunmati Omoyemi (Expectation and Princess); Ayo Olamide Adesola (Preparation, Sitting Pretty and Less is more); and Lasode Opemipo, an abstract painter (Karma).

Jolaoluwal  Lawal addresses Africa and her need for technological advancement with her work, Evening before Dawn, while  Onyinye Zennia, using nails and thread as her medium produced works titled Stuck in the vow and World Apart.

Alexis Galleries is partnering with Women at Risk   International   Foundation (WARIF), a   non-profit organization founded by Dr. Kemi DaSilva-Ibru, in response to the high incidence of sexual assault, rape and human trafficking occurring amongst young girls and women across Nigeria.

WARIF is a centre for sexual assault referral centre, established in 2016 to provide a safe haven for survivors of rape and sexual assault. They offer free medical care, counseling, shelter and legal aid to victims. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

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