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Amosan: Beauty of a mud suite at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lagos

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amosanWhat will be your reaction if you are being sold a resort accommodation and the seller informs you that what you will be paying for is a chalet built with mud?

You mean I should sleep in a chalet built with mud in a first class resort in this 21st Century? What do you mean by that?

That may probably be your reaction if you are one of those high flying tourists from Africa who relishes and indulges in buildings planted with chloroform and pasted with marble.

But, kindly read this.

That mud which you think is an archaic form of building material has been used to confound the imagination of beauty at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ikegun Village, Ibeju–Lekki Local Government, Lagos State

Christened Amosan! An alert that mud is good and better to build a mansion or chalet.

Demonstrating this to a select crop of journalists  at Ikegun Village, Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye, who has magically turned La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort into a haven of creativity where houses are built on trees and where the longest swimming pool by the Sea was created said “in our determination to showcase the  pristine architectural ingenuity of Africans which stimulated our inner creativity by building houses on trees, we are also, today showcasing to the world the beauty of building chalets and houses with mud”.

He pointed out “ Our pre-colonial  society in Africa  was  organised and governed  by  purely climatologically configuration which dictated the types of houses they built , the style and brand of clothe they wear , the type of cuisine and medical services available which you people are calling herbal all which were disorganised, polluted and tarnished by the invaders in the name of civilisation, globalisation and vogue . However all, these are now finding its courses back into our society.”

“In the name of civilization, we discarded our primordial architectural concept which moderates and balance the weather. We discarded our dress sense which synchronizes well with the elements and we are forced to tie up our throats as if we are making an attempt of committing suicide all in the name of modernity and contemporariness”.

He said that there is nothing wrong in admixture of materials in building a house because “we cannot perpetually remain in a spot just because of being natural, but not that we should jettison our pristine ways of doing things and we totally abandoned our superior heritage in the name of modernity. We should employ modernity to enhance and accentuate our heritage. This is why Amosan Chalet is constructed with mud and infused with few elements of modernity”.

“The whole structure, the wall is of mud. As you can see but the attachments, I mean the few elements are of modernity. You talk about the tiles and few other items of luxury provided therein. It is all to tell Africans that what we need is not abandoning our heritage, but engaging the products of the so-called modernity to enhance the beauty of our heritage like Amosan, the chalet built with mud but embellished luxuriously with a few contemporary items. You need to be here and see what you can do with mud. Amosan – the mud is super,” Akinboboye stressed.

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