Anambra Debate: 10 Top Quotes From Osita Chidoka

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Anambra Debate: 10 Top Quotes From Osita Chidoka

Twenty-four hours after Channels Television organised a debate for five aspirants in the Anambra governorship election, here are top 10 major quotes from the candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Mr Osita Chidoka.

Others who participated in the debate include incumbent governor Willie Obiano of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA); Tony Nwoye of the All Progressives Congress (APC); Oseloka Obaze of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); and Godwin Ezeemo of the Progressives People’s Alliance (PPA).

Read quotes below:

“APGA has failed us, APC is divisive and has broken this country, PDP has lost its soul, PPA founder has left the party; the time has come for us to tell the world that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere, the time has come for us to tell the world ‘this is the time for a new beginning’…”

“I’m amazed that the issue before us is still the basic issue of bread and butter; what is critical in Anambra is a major philosophical base…”

“Knowledge is the ability for us to take a baseline of everything in the state; we need to map out a shared vision in the state; our public service does not have the capacity to execute all these grand projects people are talking about…”

“Anambra state in the National Competitive Report, just published, ranks very low in competitiveness – we need to change the infrastructure of our state and that is the human infrastructure…”

“The Nigerian state needs to be re-negotiated. Any party that does not subscribe to the principle of the right to self-determination, of the right for component parts of Nigeria to express themselves freely, that party does not approximate my philosophy. I believe that the Nigerian state is a product of negotiation…”

“When Nigeria is fully negotiated, when Nigerian component states fully subscribe to the idea of Nigeria, then we will have a great nation; we will have a prosperous nation, we cannot grow a nation without the freedom of people who subscribe to that dream…”

“Personal income tax is a tax that shows that the economy is working, we cannot collect from the poor to build a state, we have to grow the state by growing the people who live in the state…”

“The greatest advantage Anambra state has is its human beings, we need to be the place in the country that is exporting programmers and coders to the world; we should be able to train a new generation of people who will sit in Anambra state and write programmes for Indian and American companies…”

“What is important is to focus on the issues before us – the issue before us is that Anambra state is not on a sustainable path to growth; the sustainable path to growth is focusing on the human beings…”

“Taking grounds that the problem of IPOB is a problem of unemployed youths, that is false; the problem of IPOB is a fundamental structural problem with Nigeria, it has only manifested in different forms…”

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