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APC thugs from Ekiti, Ondo, Nasarawa rigged Kogi polls – PDP

APC thugs from Ekiti, Ondo, Nasarawa rigged Kogi polls – PDP

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The Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kogi State, Bode Ogunmola, tells GBENGA ODOGUN that no PDP member was involved in the violence that marred the House of Representatives bye-election held in the state, penultimate Saturday

The Independent National Electoral Commission declared the All Progressives Congress candidate as the winner of the House of Representatives bye-election held penultimate Saturday despite the violence that characterised the poll. What is your reaction?

A lot of complaints trailed the election. As a journalist, I believe you went round Lokoja and Koton-Karfe on Election Day and you saw what happened. The truth is that the APC did not win that election as far as we are concerned. It was nothing but a ‘broad daylight robbery.’As a party, we have notified all relevant authorities to draw their attention to what they called an election. How do you explain a situation where thugs were freely used to cart away ballot boxes and other election materials? God knows, they did not win that election and it will not stand the test of time.

The APC has said you are only crying wolf where there is none. What’s your take on this?

When some people talk, some of us allow God to take control. They know what they did. You also went round. You saw what they did. Their conscience will be pricking them as we speak. They bastardised the entire exercise. Is that how to conduct an election? In broad daylight, they went shooting. I learnt two people died and one person is still in critical condition due to gunshot wounds. Those that died have gone forever. You can’t see them again. They are gone forever. God is watching.

What step will the PDP take now that INEC has declared the APC the winner?

The leadership of the party has been meeting. In fact, the meetings started immediately after the election. In the next few days, we will address the press on our next line of action. One thing I can assure you of is that we are not sleeping over this. Justice shall prevail.

Your party was accused of sharing money and using thugs. In fact, two APC supporters were killed and your party supporters have been accused of killing them. What do you have to say about this?

If they are claiming we share money, we leave them to their conscience. If they claim that two APC members died and that our members were responsible, they should know what to do. If you kill my person, the court is there. Let them take us to court and let the court decide. They are the ones that used thugs. They brought thugs from Ekiti, Ondo, Nasarawa and other places. You were there. You saw everything. As far as we are concerned, God has a way of deciding things in this country. He has done it before and He will do the same this time. He will right the wrongs so that our children will not be asking us questions when the time comes.

Is the PDP angry because the APC allegedly outspent them in terms of voter inducement?

We didn’t induce voters. Yes, we spent money. We have party agents. We have to pay them and other expenses allowed under the electoral law of the country, but we didn’t share money, onions, rice, salt and so on. We have the pictures of those who shared money. At the appropriate time, we shall talk.

If the APC extends a hand of fellowship to your party, as they claimed to have done, are you ready to work with them in order to move the state forward?

They are liars and everybody knows that is propaganda. Day and night never meet. What kind of partnership are they talking about? We are the ones that always advise them to do the right things. We tell them, ‘Open your books and let us know what is coming in and how you spend it. Civil servants are crying, lectures are complaining, infrastructure is suffering and so on. So, it is not true. They have never approached us for any reason, either to seek advice or in any other way. They have never invited us to any of their functions. We are on our own. They are on their own. We can never be a party to this shabby arrangement. We would rather fight them until we take over from them and they know we will soon take over from them. That is why they are running helter-skelter, buying guns and breeding thugs, but by the grace of God, we will take over from them.

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