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APC urges to end political dominance in Kwara on March 9

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APC, Kwara

All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State has called on residents of the state to use the March 9 governorship and state House of Assembly elections to put an end to all forms of political dominance.

Speaking with journalists in his Offa country home on Tuesday, the APC Kwara South senator-elect, Architect Lola Ashiru, said that residents of the state had demonstrated their determination to enjoy democratic freedom with the last February 23rd Presidential and National Assembly elections.

“The people of the state are very prepared to save themselves from the stranglehold of the present regime. Nothing is going to stop us from achieving victory.

“No amount of tribulation, falsehood and illicit funds will stop us from achieving a total victory. The last election was straight 10 zero. At the end of this Saturday, we will have 36 zero. It is an assurance because people are prepared.” he said.

Ashiru, who had made unsuccessful attempts at the Senate seat before this time, also said that “I have never lost any election. You can see what happened on February 23. It has always been manipulations upon manipulations. I have known all along when the system is right when votes count that I will win an election.

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“I am grateful to the Federal Government, I am grateful to the security personnel and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for playing the rule as it should be. That is why we won this election. Any election that is free and fair people will always triumph in Kwara state.”

On the lessons learnt, he said that “the first lesson we have learnt from our victory is the spirit of persistence, the spirit of goodness and the spirit of striving to get whatever you want to get in life. It is a good lesson not only to people around me but the whole of Kwara State.

“I have mentioned it in many fora that the liberation of Kwara State starts from Offa here. This is the principal place where we plan and engineer how the state could move forward because we know Kwara cannot move forward if we continue like we have been doing before. We are all happy and excited that today we are free.

“I have told people in so many fora that they should expect the best representation ever. I am not going there for personal enrichment. I am not going there for contracts, I am going there to ensure that the people of Kwara South are well represented. And whatever is due to them comes to them.

“I am assuring you that I will open doors for as many as possible youths and the elderly to participate in the national equation. We are not going to be behind. It is going to be a mass participation and I am sure my coming will attract a lot of people hitherto sitting on the fence to participate in politics,” he said.

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