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Archbishop lauds FG on Not-too-Young-to-Run Law

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Lagos – The Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Adewale Martins, has lauded the Federal Government for signing into law the Not-too-young-to-run bill.

Cross section of members of the Not Too Young to Run Group during a brief ceremony where the President signed the Not Too Young to Run Bill at the Aso Chambers, State House, Abuja. Photo by Abayomi Adeshida 31/05/2018
Martins made this commendation on Saturday at a news conference to mark his 59th birthday at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Obalende, Lagos.

He said that it was a step in the right direction, although it would take more than a law to make it take the much desired effect.

According to him, we must continue to insist that the care of the youth needs to be taken more seriously than we are doing at the moment.

“We have seen a massive drift of young men and women leaving the country through dangerous and most suicidal routes, many have perished.

“Many are still under slavery in countries where they have been marooned. We thank the government and NGOs that have helped to repatriate some of them; however, it is not enough to bring them back.

“Necessary steps should be taken to give them a new lease of life by providing an environment that will enhance their welfare and make them productive.

“We need to address the situation of hopelessness that drive young people into this destructive habit and save the future of the nation,’’ he said.

The cleric, who also lauded President Muhammadu Buhari administration on the fight against corruption, said that the fight should not be selective.

“We appreciate the efforts that are being made to bring some of those who looted our nation’s wealth to book, as we see in the recovery of some of the funds that were stolen.

“The single treasury account, which has helped in some ways to bring things together; the efforts to get the corporate persons and individuals, who have been evading tax are some of the praiseworthy efforts.

“The fight against corruption is an effort we cannot but acknowledge and commend. However, we must continue to insist that the fight must not be selective.

“It should not exclude anyone on the basis of party politics; the fight must also be done according to the dictates of the law, otherwise we create chaos, and in turn permit another form of corruption to creep in’’.

He urged Nigerians to register and get their Permanent Voter Cards, saying that it was the tool needed to choose those that will serve the country selflessly.

“Our participation should not end with voting, it should also include making efforts to seek elective positions in government.

“All patriotic Nigerians, must come together, provide a more credible alternative political framework to salvage this country that is so much in need of quality and visionary leadership.

“We need to take more responsibility for our nation and its future by injecting new values into politics, as there is a saying that evil strives when good people stay aloof.

“Over the years, we have watched our national wealth plundered by some of those who have been given the position of leadership,’’ he said.

The cleric urged the Federal Government to do the needful in order to protect the lives and property of its citizens, irrespective of religion or ethnic background.

“The Federal Government should take necessary steps to bring the terrorists to book; human life is sacred, each human life is a gift, and nobody has the right to terminate it,’’ Martins added. (NAN)

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