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Some banks have started using social websites to help them with everything from healing the financial industry to promoting their latest products, according to

By embracing the most popular tools available, the industry has also been embracing the best of what social media culture has to offer, and some mid-size banks seem to be leading the change when it comes to social media innovation.

Although Nigerian banks are still evolving, some United States banks have used social media in their marketing and communications plans in some interesting and successful ways.

These banks have tapped into the root of what social media means to the customers, enjoying success in the way of returning real value for their institutions.

Community building

Only a few banks are not usually known for building warm and fuzzy communities around their products and services. When we think of banks, we often think of impersonal bankers in pinstripe suits denying customers their request for a car loan or a mortgage. The world is changing; and even banks are now trying to foster community rather than appear monolithic and imposing. Focusing on customer service and adopting the personality of the people they serve, banks can really teach the big guys a thing or two about what it means to be close to customers.

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Community building is something that banks should be doing more often because many of the most important touch points in customers’ lives involve a relationship with a bank.


The social network has become a powerful tool, which banks in developed countries are using for research and development. Nigerian banks are focusing on this and customers must cooperate to enable the banks to serve us better.

Customer service

Social media has become a great customer service tool across many industries and banking is no exception. However, not all banks are proactive. A study done by the American Bankers Association found that four out of 10 banks polled said that they avoided discussing specific products and services in their social media efforts. We are not sure if that is the case in Nigeria too.

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But for banks that are more active in engaging with their customers over social media channels about their products, real-time search has helped in addressing problems with customers.

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