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As APC dissolves NWC

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Oyegun buhari atiku tinubuFor the very first time in recent years, President MuhammedBuhari exhibited the Army General trait in him, when during March 27, 2018 National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of APC, he suddenly thundered that the tenure elongation earlier granted to National Working Committee was illegal and therefore should be reversed. The president confirmed that he had taken some time to review and seek advice on the resolution and what he found out is that the tenure elongation contravenes both APC Constitution as well as the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The president view was overwhelmingly supported by majority of members present at that NEC meeting. Surprisingly after the meeting, Chief John Oyegun has been trying to rally the governors to possibly reverse the president pronouncement.

The final straw later came in on April 04, 2018 when the governors eventually caved in under the overwhelming influence of the president. It is only Chief Oyegun and his co-travelers who are still glued to the same spot and bluntly refused to appreciate the need for the present NWC to honorably bow out. Under their watch, the major opposition party-PDP blossomed and flourished. During their tenure, just only one member colluded with opposition party to hijack the leadership of the national assembly.

This development provided platform for national assembly to always set and implement their agenda without minding whether it’s in agreement with the nation’s constitution or not. There is no doubt the party has lost considerable ground on account of NWC’s ineptitude, directionless and seemingly lack of capacity.

NWC just couldn’t provide platform for cohesion, proper direction and coordination for all the party organs at the federal, state and local levels.

It’s against this backdrop that the Nigerians overwhelmingly lent their support to the decision of the party to hold a new convention that will herald new NWC and party executives at all levels. As the party prepare for the convention, the nation expect them to give mandate to a chairman with a clear agenda to reposition, restructure and rebrand the party so that it could have similar outlook, as well as potency and vibrancy of pre-2015 general election.

Kola Amzat


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