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As Ogun moves for cleaner environment

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Staff of West Africa Engr processing waste

The importance of a clean environment and proper waste disposal to good health has been the focus of advocacy in the health sector over the years. And as communities develop and grow, the need for proper waste disposal has become a challenge to the government of many states.

To reduce this challenge, the Ogun state government has followed the path of Lagos and Oyo state through a partnership to strengthen its waste disposal system so that every area within the state will remain clean and the environment will be healthy.

The partnership with Solous MRF 1 Limited, a subsidiary of West Africa Engr, to manage public waste across the state, as part of measures to promote a cleaner, safe and healthier environment for all, is expected to breathe a new life into the waste process in the state.

West Africa Engr has the reputation of being the largest private landfill diversion company in West Africa and it focuses primarily on achieving zero waste to landfills in communities where they operate, transforming cities and providing innovative solutions and is the owner and operator of Nigeria’s first Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

The company at this facility recovers valuable fraction from the municipal solid waste and puts it back directly in to the production economy as feedstock for plastic, metal and paper recycling and through the use of patent protected technology, converts the non-recyclable solid waste to electricity for use in critical services with special focus on diverting waste from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emission, and serving the communities within which we operate.

Speaking on the partnership, the Commissioner for Environment in Ogun state, Mr Bolaji Oyeleye, stated that the state has engaged a service provider that specializes in waste management, recycling and conversion of waste to renewable energy and is expected to manage all levels of municipal solid waste cycle including waste collection, processing and disposal in the state.

According to him, the partnership will enhance effectiveness, efficiency and optimal performance in solid waste management in the state with the goal of creating an outstanding waste management sector, adding that the government had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the company on February 12 which was followed by a joint technical meeting.

Though the company has been saddled with the responsibility of waste management, it will work hand in hand with the Ministry of Environment which will provide the necessary technical support to ensure that the service provider achieves its mandate as stated in the MOU.

Speaking on the development, the Chief Executive Officer of WestAfricaENGR, Paul O’Callaghan, stated that it was in line with the expansion plans of his company. “We were initially operating in two state; Oyo and Lagos though we started in Lagos. But it had always been in the plan that we would move beyond those states, we have been looking beyond those states for a while.

“We are still looking at moving to the eastern and Northern states because we have the facilities to carry out the assignment. We actually operate outside Nigeria, we are a West African company and we will cover other African countries.

He promised that in line with the mission of his organization, he will ensure that the job is done effectively so that the vision of the government on waste management is fulfilled.


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