Averting domestic violence

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Domestic violence has become commonplace in our society. Women have, on a number of occasions, risen against the abuse they suffered in their matrimonial homes.

Many women have even lost their lives to domestic violence, while many still have been traumatised due to the frequent battering they received from their spouses.

Truth is, men who see their spouses as punching bags have failed to come to terms with the fact that women, by their very nature, are too tender to be objects of constant assault.It is a reality that the home is not complete without a woman.

Recently, a woman was reportedly brutalised by her husband for denying him s3xual intimacy. But such a brute reaction should not have arisen because the issue of s3x between husband and wife should be carefully handled.

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I want to believe that no woman in her right frame of mind would deny her spouse intimacy that is supposed to be a thing of enjoyment between the two parties if the man had not shirked in his responsibilities or had not strayed from the agreed marital vows.

My submission is that the menfolk should exercise a lot more restraint over tendencies that could fuel domestic violence in the home, while the womenfolk, on their part, should resist any temptation that would degenerate into fisticuffs in the home.

Spouses should, as much as possible, cast their minds back to the very first time they met, a time when both could not do without seeing or hearing from the other on a daily basis.

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I an convinced that this would serve as a means of renewing the professed love between them that eventually culminated in tying the nuptial knots.

Geroge  Babatunde,


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