Bank customers speak on preferred e-banking channel

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Chekwube Nwafor                                 

My ultimate priority when transacting is security.   The ATM is my most preferred e-banking channel because of the services it avails me that others do not. First, the ATM gives me quick access to cash. Considering that most retail transactions in the economy are still heavily cash-based, ATMs are the most reliable at this point for quick cash.

Also, the ATM cards avails you with Forex trading opportunities. You can use you ATM cards to pay for goods and services in other currencies online; given an agreed exchange rate alongside terms and conditions with your bank. Moreover, most times, the ATM cards form the basis for self- registration when using the USSD codes, Mobile Apps and internet banking for many banks.

Favour Emma-Nwachukwu

My best transaction channel is the USSD codes because it is very easy to access and understand. It does not require airtime or internet connection to engage. Also, there is some degree of security, seeing that you need a code different from that of your ATM card, to verify transfers. So, no one can easily transact using your account without your knowledge. I am a very busy person and I need something that is quick, easy but secure. Hence, the USSD is best for me.

Temitope Badmus

My favourite e-banking channel is Mobile Application because it gives me total control over my account. I can easily track the amount of money that comes in and leaves my account at various times. I can track how much the bank charges me for each of my transaction. I would have gone for the USSD codes but I have had terrible experiences with a particular bank. On several occasions, I have tried transferring money to people, but the beneficiaries do not receive the funds until 24 hours later. While, the mobile app is really smooth and easy to use, the USSD requires me to remember codes or go online to get the codes that apply. That also discourages me.

Ezime Oteri

My most preferred e-banking channel is the Mobile App especially of those banks that don’t require going to their branches to activate. Through the mobile app, I can pay my monthly bills -cable subscription, electricity; flight tickets etc. It is really flexible. However, a downside to this is that, as a result of the flexibility and efficiency, it makes me spend more than I budgeted for. If the ATM of a bank is not working, I can always transfer funds through the mobile app to my account in another bank.

Other e-banking channels are   too flawed. For instance, the internet/web banking platforms requires a token that must be activated by the bank, thus making it less user-friendly. In the same vein, the USSD avails anyone with your phone, the opportunity to input the required code and transfer money to themselve. Also, ATM lines are always long where I stay. Convincingly, Mobile apps aptly suit me.

Calista Anyaeche

I prefer the USSD because to enjoy usage, it does not require internet connection or any stressful login-in process. What I like the most about it is its simplicity.From my phone, I can easily top-up airtime or transfer funds etc. hassle-freely. As long as there a password to secure the transactions, I think the USSD is works perfectly for me.


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