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Banky W, Mocheddah, Omoni Oboli, And More React To Buhari Calling Nigerian Youths Lazy

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On Wednesday, the president Mohammadu Buhari in an interview called Nigeria youths lazy which constituted to the reason the country is not developing.

Following this statement youths all over the country have taken a stand against the presidents claim. A hashtag has been created for it and every one insulted by it has raised their voice to say something.

#LazyNigerianYouths is now trending and celebrities have also raised their voices, calling out the president for saying something like that.

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These are some of the celebrities that have spoken on the matter.

1. Banky W

So apparently, this is what our President thinks about “a lot of the Nigerian youth”. What do you guys think? I have a suggestion. Whether you agree, or disagree with the President’s comments, this time, do a little bit more than posting, commenting, retweeting, and complaining. Go and register to vote. I’ve sat in countless meetings, seminars, conferences and hangouts with young people. We are always great at pointing out our issues.. but the truth is that we can sit around and complain from now until Kingdom come. IT WILL NOT MATTER. INEC will not count your tweets. Let’s turn the month of May into #PVCMay. Even if you don’t know who you’re voting for.. even if you hate every single candidate. At least register.. so that if someone comes along who you feel compelled to support, you can. If you’re really serious about wanting Nigeria to be a better place, go and register to vote. Get your PVC asap. The registration period will end LONG before the elections come, so if you think you can wait until next year, you are wrong. Get your PVC today. Or don’t bother complaining about anything, because it won’t matter. Your tweets will not count. Your vote will.

A post shared by Banky W. (@bankywellington) on Apr 19, 2018 at 7:19am PDT

2. Laura Ikeji

3. Mocheddah

4. Omoni Oboli

5. Kcee

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