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Before Stardom With… Crystabel Goody

Before Stardom With… Crystabel Goody

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What were you into before you became an actress?

I was working in an oil and gas firm. It got to a stage where I was not feeling fulfilled anymore, so I quit the job and became an actress.

But why did you decide to become an entertainer?

I have always had the passion for it. I always knew I was always going to be in this sector from the instant I got to school till the point I got the job at the oil and gas sector. Even while I was working, I always attended auditions just to make sure that my dream came true.

What project brought you fame?

I started out as a model and I won a beauty pageant, Beauty of Africa International, 2008. I moved from Port Harcourt to Lagos because of my ambition to become an actress. When I moved to Lagos, I got a gig with the movie, Green white green and that won some accolades at the African Film Festival, 2016.

So after you attained stardom, did you still maintain a cordial relationship with old friends?

I don’t think I have lost friends because of my celebrity status; it is only natural that you would outgrow some friends. It is not because you are an actress but simply because you both have different perspectives on life. Even if I was not an actress, I know that there are some people that I would have severed relationship with. In fact, just last week, some of my friends came to visit me from Port Harcourt.

Is there anything that stardom has changed for you?

That is very normal because as a celebrity, there are some things you cannot do or say. Also, you have to be more conservative because you cannot be everywhere. You have to be very selective about the places you have to be. Stars come out at night and shine.

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