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Being consistent and hard-working make the difference – Rere Obaisi

Being consistent and hard-working make the difference – Rere Obaisi

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Joy Marcus

Rere. Obaisi, 29, is the chief executive officer at Reohob Nigeria Limited. He speaks about his passion

What is your educational qualification?

I am a graduate of Microbiology from Covenant University, Ota, in Ogun State.

Which places have you worked?

I worked in the banking industry for a while before I resigned to manage a primary and secondary school as the director of administration.

What led to the creation of your company?

The need for good and alternative source of power supply in Nigeria and Africa led to the start up of the company.

What does Reohob Limited do?

Reohob Nigeria Limited is an alternative power supply company. In this case, alternative power supply also means renewable energy. The company’s mission and vision is to bring comfort to the living by making sure that everyone enjoys uninterrupted power supply at an affordable cost.

Did you get funds or support from anyone?

No, I didn’t source for funds when I wanted to start the company. I basically started small from Akure in Ondo State. I got help from some family members but the bulk of the start-up capital was from my personal savings.

What are some of the notable achievements that the company has recorded?

What we consider success in our line of business is putting smiles on the faces of people through power supply. We have over 350 clients so far and from inception to date, we have tried to always satisfy our clients. We have worked with the Akwa Ibom State government and Ekiti State ministry of education. However, our major achievement is relocating from Akure to Lagos.

What factors do you think are responsible for your growth so far?

Factors that are responsible for my growth and accomplishments so far are teamwork, consistency and the ability to push for greater heights. These have been some of the major factors responsible for our success so far.

What do you think the government can do to improve entrepreneurship in Nigeria?

I think the government should set up a ministry for entrepreneurship that people can have easy access to. That the ministry will fund, and if possible, train youths on their chosen business. For me, I learnt about entrepreneurship while in the university and it has helped me till date.

What challenges do you face on the job?

Some of the challenges I face on my job include constantly delivering quality products and services. Clients want better quality at cheaper rates but we make sure that we never compromise. However, positive challenges bring improvement.

There is hardly any job that doesn’t come with its own challenge. Your ability to overcome these challenges keeps the organisation going. Human resources; cost of importation; inability to give out products on payment plans because of security due to the economic situation of the country; competing with businesses that produce inferior products and a couple of other things.

Was there any particular incident that changed the course of your life?

A few incidents helped me choose my path and one major one was the stress of working in the bank. While I was still in the bank, I usually worked from 7am to 7pm and got home about 11pm every day because I lived far away from my workplace. One day, I thought about all the energy I put into the job and how it would be profitable for me if I channelled it into my own business. After much deliberation, I decided to leave the banking sector and start my own company. I am very happy I took that decision.

Who are your role models?

I have great admiration for Dr. Mike Adenuga.

What are your other interests?

It may be surprising but my other interest is almost related to renewable energy. However, I am looking into some other completely different areas of business. However, renewable energy is my future.

What is your staff strength?

We have 11 members of staff, which include general manager, procurement manager, digital marketer, graphics designer, online marketers, public relations executive and engineers.

What’s your advice to youths who want to follow their dreams?

My advice for youths is not to be lazy. If you want to succeed, always aspire to do positive things because it has a lot of advantages. As a youth, be consistent at whatever you find yourself doing because the ability to be consistent, innovative and hardworking makes the difference. You will see that your dreams will come to pass in no time.

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