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Benefits of servicing your vehicle(s)

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As a car owner, it’s important to ensure maximum efficiency and increased longevity for the car and one of the ways to ensure this is to service it properly and regularly. A poorly maintained vehicle can cause a multitude of problems that can leave one feeling stressed, broke and stranded.

Be it basic-oil-change or extended form of servicing, every vehicle needs servicing to ensure proper functionality. Therefore, let’s examine some of the benefits of servicing yours:


  1. It maintains the warranty

Cars come with guarantees on lasting life usage and one of the ways to ensure that the warranty is maintained is to get the car serviced regularly. It’s important to adhere to the service intervals stipulated by the manufacturer.


Familiarise yourself with not only when your car is due for a check-up but also what actually happens when it is being serviced. Not servicing your vehicle as per the manufacturer’s guidelines could invalidate the warranty, meaning you will have to pick up the tab for any repairs done on your car.


  1. It protects the car’s value

Value is the extent or degree of importance or essence of an item. If we are to continue keeping or maintaining the value of our cars, we must ensure to service the value. Nobody wants to wasted money spent on anything. It is thus important service your cars regularly.


  1. It keeps you safe and gives you peace of mind

During service, mechanics can pick up potential abnormalities on your car and notify you about anything which falls out of the standard service operation. Whilst brakes and other safety components are checked at all service intervals, sometimes other components which ensure your safety may be damaged and in need of replacement before becoming serious concerns.

  1. It keeps your car working efficiently

Cars are designed to be serviced regularly in order to keep them in good running order. Elements such as spark plugs, oil and filters need to be checked and changed at regular intervals so as to prevent any dirt or dust causing major mechanical issues to your engine and in turn, your safety. Regularly servicing your car also prolongs the engine’s longevity and ultimately your car’s overall life span.


  1. It will save you money

Having your car serviced at the correct intervals as recommended by the manufacturer will save you money. In order to achieve the best possible fuel economy, it is important to ensure that your engine, brakes and tyres are in good, working condition.


  1. Ensure safety

Another reason for regularly servicing your vehicle is to ensure you, your passengers and other road users are not predisposed to accidents. Although there are many causes of automotive crashes, a cause for concern is vehicle neglect. Car parts can wear out and develop faults over time and as a result lead to accidents. Taking your car in for regular service checks to ensure everything is working properly can easily prevent problems like these.


  1. Prevent malfunctions

With a poorly serviced vehicle, roadside emergencies like this could happen at any time. What’s more, you may not have the tools or the expertise to fix it. Factor in the costs of towing, hiring a mechanic, and finding a temporary vehicle can rack up a bill you may not be ready for. Problems like these can be avoided through regular servicing.


  1. Reduce pollution

Your vehicle can have a tremendous impact on the environment in a negative way by emitting harmful substances. Noxious emissions come from improperly serviced vehicles which can harm the environment by contributing to pollution, smog, contaminated waterways, and acid rain.

The importance of servicing a vehicle cannot be over-emphasised. In the end, it is cheaper and gives peace of mind. Schedule an appointment with your mechanic today and have the vehicle properly serviced. Till I come your way again next time, remember: Seatbelts never go out of fashion, strap in and stay safe.


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