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Berger to Ajah: False Rape Accusation! In Case You Missed It, Read Full Story Here

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Recently, a young man, with the Twitter handle @UcheDandyMUFC was accused of rape by one Damilola Marcus who stated that her friend @B_moree was the victim. She had sent a message to Damilola Marcus (@OmogeDami) telling her that Uche raped her after she transported herself from Berger to Ajah to visit him.

See accusation below:

Some years back, this man @UcheDandyMUFC tried FORCING my friend to have sex with him! This is a member of the “not all” crew. A RAPEY FLY is in my mentions telling me not to generalize.

— Damilola Marcus (@OmogeDami) June 27, 2018

As expected, the accusation spurred an endless conversation on social media, both negative and positive.

The accused young man however got wind of the reports and released a series of chat with all conversations between himself and the supposed rape victim.

His series of tweets below:

First things first…i hate drama so i like to keep my private life private….but when your name gets dragged for no reason…you blur the lines and face the drama you were trying to avoid.

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Secondly, someone should tell @b_moree_ to unblock me because the drama she sought has found her.

And as such…i am going to address the allegations…

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Thirdly, i want to apologize to my friends because of this drama…but there is nothing worse than being called a rapist and it cannot be left to speculation.

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

And after i have addressed it…it won’t be mentioned again…it is the price one has to pay for associating with skreps.

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

I have a problem with the people telling me to let it go NOW….when all day my name have been thrown around..

Why should i let it go NOW?

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

First of all, a friend sent me a DM when the allegations came asking what the nonsense was..told him it was a load of crap and he decided he was going to take it up as well…so he engaged @OmogeDami in a DM convo and she babbled meaninglessly…

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

I don’t have her time yet as i would come for her eventually…but in the course of their conversation, she dropped a screenshot of the chat with the girl who said she allowed me have sex after i forcefully tried…now that’s where she dropped the ball…

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Here are the chats….

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

This was the end of the chat…and then seeing as she made no sense whatsoever…

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

….i decided to look at the screenshot which was where the 2nd allegation came from and i realized i actually knew who sent it…which happened to be @b_moree_ …result of unfortunate hoeing in times past…here’s how i know…zoom the avi on the screenshot…

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

And the “B” is also clear….even though @OmogeDami tried to scribble it off…..thankfully i don’t delete conversations anywhere….i don’t end chats….so…..

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows I would never drop screenshots of chats for any reason…but when you are being accused of rape…you have no choice….in 2016, @b_moree_ and I planned to meet after series conversation, last screenshot was her leaving the next day…

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

After meeting her…i totally lost interest after “everything” because she wasn’t what she appeared to be on the timeline…and as such the conversations dwindled….fast forward to a year later….

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Please how am i a “nice guy” if it wasn’t consensual?? More than once that night?? And as clearly seen in the chat…it was a case of “Girl likes boy, they have sex, boy don’t like girl, girl is angry” But she has the audacity to call me a rapist…

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Hello @b_moree_ coming for you legally is a waste of my time and resources because you are a SKREP. I am really angry but nah, you do not deserve me coming at you with all that anger….so this is where your story ends…

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

But be rest assured, you called me a rapist…falsely….i am not a violent person but to God who made me, i will drag you by that skinny skrepy waist of yours to the nearest police station if our paths every cross…ANYWHERE.

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Once again i apologized to my friends who might be offended by this….being called a RAPIST is something you don’t let stick…especially in this time and age…so i am sorry for the drama…it is what preeq wey no dey hear word caused.

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

And as for you @OmogeDami you will have to name the girl who said i tried to forcefully have sex with her…oh you will have to..Lord help you.
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— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

Now i can go have some herbs and pepper soup….cos i really need to calm my nerves.

— Uche Daniel (@UcheDandyMUFC) June 27, 2018

In line with the chats, Uche got vindicated as Twitter users came after his accusers.

Uche demanded for an apology as the chats revealed that things got sour between them after the lady felt she was being ignored when she went visiting.

Reacting to Uche’s defence, the ladies claimed that they never said they never accused him of rape.

The friend that also started the story said she actually didn’t accuse him of rape she accused him of ‘forceful coercion.’

B_moree who the chat revealed as Bimbo Cole, asserted that she didn’t want to be raped again as she had already had the bitter experience on two different occasions in her life so when he kept forcing her to do it, she agreed even though it wasn’t something she wanted.

Unfortunately, her tweets are now protected. However, we were able to get what she said after Uche had vindicated himself with screenshots of the chat they had.

See below:

“First thing, I did not accuse Uche of rape, as you can see, I said ‘I allowed him’ I didn’t want to have sex, but I did, because I didn’t want to get raped again.”

Uche who already got vindicated as the chats showed that he was busy on his laptop after the lady went to see him in Ajah from Berger, totally ignoring her has gotten appraisals and congratulatory messages from other men who were also worried he would be wrongly robed into the scandal.

See Nigerians reaction below:

why would somebody wake up in 2018 and begin to rant why didn’t you rant since 2016….This girl needed a 5 minute show #RichTalkwithJeremiah

— Jeremiah Robert (@JerryyRobert) June 28, 2018

😂😂😂 I saw! He’s doing the right thing abeg, clear your name and be happy

— Eloho ✌🏽 (@_anie_steph_) June 27, 2018

She is the one that said she’s ready to marry a guy who lives abroad just to get out of the country ?

— ! AWESOMAZING ¡ (@FolaranmiAnas) June 27, 2018

I need to stop deleting chats o
Never know when they will come in handy…

— Nino (@Chronic_nino) June 27, 2018

Send ur chats to ur email.. Thank me later

— Soon To Be A Billionaire. (@saincoDboss) June 27, 2018

*packing to Ajah*

— Ms Steal Your Heart 💝💞 (@Christiiee9) June 28, 2018

Fire beer my guy, claim your’s not easy

— Dani Hanzel (@idealhanz) June 28, 2018

Baddest man. The realest receipt keeper. Lord of the archives. Father of all laptop users. Leader of all fuel Queues and finally, the only licensed G. O. A. T who has used VAR outside football. Sleep well bros.

— The DATA guy (@El_Athens) June 28, 2018

The kinda stigma and disrespect he just dodged can never be underrated

— The DATA guy (@El_Athens) June 28, 2018

as your defense attorney to this deliberation, i would like the TwitterHighCourt of justice to subpoena & viscerate every false claims against my client Mr.UCHE on the Notion of sub section 265A line 62 of the Berger to Ajah travel’ constitution.
Any objections?

— BERGER to AJAH (@Okelvin7) June 28, 2018

@OmogeDami right now

— Guru Leostan (@guru_leostan) June 28, 2018

Lolz….na joke them dey

E no her house abi na for Twitter court go serve her paper?

Even if they go to court, the case might last up to 5years

Other bodies will join the matter and it will drag his name the more

It will damage his name the more

— Popelekzy and 30 others (@pope_lekzy) June 27, 2018

People are crazy, you will think it’s just knack you knack. One day, one evil person will just come out from an old district of Kolomental association and talk rubbish. What did I just say?

— Omodon THE Baller🇳🇬 (@TheOmodon) June 27, 2018

As a Millionaire Business Man, how do I make money from these kind of hot online banter? Should I become a lawyer or a journalist?

— Millionaire Business Man (@tboss_guy) June 27, 2018

Just imagine if you didn’t have proof!!! I want you to take this up. Willing to pay your legal bills.

— MY OGA. (@Istandfortruth1) June 27, 2018

People like her is the reason i don’t make new friends. People are really crazy. Rapey, rape, rapist…whats the difference? Sexist, Illogical and emotionally damaged Twitter activist.

— Emem E. Etuk (@jobseekerscreed) June 27, 2018

Our lawyer is already on standby waiting for the 12 hours to elapse.

— Sochima ♠ (@_Mosky) June 27, 2018

Thank you very much uche. Do it for all the guys that have been falsely accused of rape and disgraced. Do it for the ones who went to jail for years while being innocent. Do it for the ones that were mobbed and killed.


— Olanrewaju (@CarloLarenzo) June 28, 2018

No matter what life throws at you, get up, focus & never waste your time from Berger to Ajah to achieve what you can get from the kiosk right on your street

— Dotuncoolfm (@iamDo2dtun) June 28, 2018

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