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Beware of fraudulent wealth schemes

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THE public should be very careful about some get rich quick schemes with questionable activities. They have been going to media to advertise their organisations by telling people that they can help you to make two to three million naira in a few months and become a millionaire within one year while you will continue to be rich throughout your life because they will continue to mentor you in order to make it possible.

They will tell you their aim is to help reduce poverty in the country. It sounds good, right? Then listen. They are using radio and television stations with newspapers to pass their information because they know majority of people believe everything that comes from the above mentioned channels of mass communication.

However, the argument here is this: When people go to their offices because of the advertisement and announcement they heard from the media about them, what they see there is different from what has been said in the media.

At their offices, they say a lot of things to brainwash you. Thereafter, they introduce their products to you, persuade you to buy and go out to market for them the same products you bought from them. Note: They have already made you believed that by doing so; you will make millions within few months and you will become a millionaire within a year.

To convince and confuse you more, they show you the pictures of people who bought their products, marketed them and became millionaires within a year. Note that they show you pictures of people driving very expensive cars, living in expensive houses, looking good and attractive. They do all that to capture your heart and lure you into buying their products.

You know what? The least among their products is 37 to 45 thousand naira. Don’t forget that it is your personal money you will use to buy these products, go out there and market for them though they claim the money you are paying is for training or registration. The organisation claims that it will give you training before you go out there to do the marketing job for them, but at the same time you will not be given a product that is worth more than the amount you paid for training. Then, who is a fool?

Media should not be blamed for this.

Notwithstanding, I call on the media to be careful with the kind of people and the organisations that come to them seeking for airtime and space, claiming to be serving humanity but indirectly, using people for their selfish interest.

Awunah Pius Terwase, Abuja.

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