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Bro Iginla splashes N60m gifts on widows, orphans, the poor to mark birthday

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Bro Joshua Iginla and Mr. and Mrs. Dabby Shakari with their cash gift

The senior pastor of Abuja-based Champions Royal Assembly, Bro Joshua Iginla, on Monday, May 21, celebrated his birthday, distributing gifts to the widows, orphans and the poor.

Bro Iginla, one of the leading prophetic voices in Nigeria, and the world in his usual manner, used the opportunity of his birthday, which had been celebrated on Sunday, May 27, at his church headquarters in Abuja, to reach out to the less-endowed in the society on Monday.

The man of God, who has been said to, over the time developed a penchant for touching the lives of the needy, gave out gifts said to be running into over N60 million.

The gifts he doled out came in form of money, houses and scholarships to the aged, helpless widows, the poor and orphans.

According to the church in a release, “most of the beneficiaries who belong to Muslim and Christian faith had tears in their eyes as they were called out for the money and gifts. They, however, could not stop praying for Bro Joshua Iginla.”

“Being a Muslim did not mean they were evil and could not be assisted, hence, the reason they were located during the church outreach programme.”

The man of God said he did not know them but the church met them during its evangelism.

He further disclosed that he had the resources to acquire a private jet but unlike other men of God, he decided to use it to assist the needy in the society, as that was the number one mandate God gave to him.

An aged couple, Mr. and Mrs. Dabby Shakari, married for over 80 years, who were part of the beneficiaries were quoted as saying they had been living in abject poverty and were dejected.

Life to them, it was said had been a twinkle and at a point, hopelessness seemed to have set in because of their continuous suffering. Their condition made them wonder how life treated them with so much cruelty.

At the occasion, the man of God instantly blessed them with a cash of N1 million and promised to build and furnish a befitting house for them within the next two months.

It was said the man of God had already concluded arrangement to get a decent accommodation for them immediately while the house is being built, and from his large heart, he had placed them on a salary for life while promising to change their wardrobe.

Bro Joshua Iginla has been fulfilling his kingdom mandate of supporting the needy and touching lives. Year after year, he spends millions of naira to provide for the needy across the country.


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