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‘Buhari lacks capacity to lead, rewards incompetence, failure’

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[FILE] Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari

Presidential candidate of Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Oby Ezekwesili, has said President Muhammadu Buhari lacks capacity to rule Nigeria, as he rewards incompetence and failure.

While President Buhari was in Akwa Ibom yesterday for his 2019 campaign, Ezekwesili, who was in Calabar for consultations and to participate in the Carnival Calabar, said, “We can say that there is a broken state of affairs with our security establishments.

The reason is because President Buhari has shown himself as a leader who rewards incompetence and failure.

“You cannot have a security establishment where citizens and the military are killed and those who lead those establishments are rewarded instead of being made to account for that kind of failure, and it is not just one failure.

“It is serial failures that we have seen. So the President rewards incompetence and I am not surprised because he is incompetent himself but does not realise it”.

She argues that Buhari looks at those who fail and what extend their stay in offices in which they have failed.

“We have seen it with the military, we have now seen it with the police. How can the President even be thinking of retaining the Inspector General of Police (IG) after the expiration of his term in office? Is it for stellar performance?

“This is the IG that the President told the entire country did not go to Benue State where he had assigned him to go. What the President is essentially telling us is that Nigerians lives do not matter that much to him, otherwise, he should be very horrified at the level of killings.

“My greatest shock and one of the triggers for my deciding to run for election, not being politician as you all know, is that the debasement of the Nigerian life is the final straw that can bring about anarchy; for it to be that children should grow up in this society and just come to the understanding that killing a person is a normal thing, that you can just do it and there is no consequence. What kind of impunity is that?”

Ezekwesili added that she would want to be the President of Nigeria that would be an effective Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces on the basis of competence, capacity and character.

“I would so do that work well that the life of the Nigerian would be the epicenter of our development process. It means that in terms of security, we would run the most effective and efficient security system; we would reform the nation’s security infrastructure.

“We would find the brilliant ones in our military establishments and police that have been hidden away in an era of incompetence and low productivity,” she stated.

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