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Buhari values his re-election more than human lives – Tapgun, ex-Plateau gov alleges

Buhari values his re-election more than human lives – Tapgun, ex-Plateau gov alleges

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Gyang Bere, Jos

Former governor of Plateau State and ex-Nigerian ambassador to Kenya, Fidelis Tapgun, has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of valuing his re-election bid more than human lives following his directives to shoot on sight, anyone caught with ballot boxes during Saturday’s rescheduled presidential and National Assembly elections.

He noted that Buhari had remained silent while the killings of innocent Nigerians in Plateau and Benue and other states went on for about four years and he had never sounded as though or direct security chiefs to arrest and bring the perpetrators to book.

Tagun who disclosed this while briefing journalists in Jos, described the postponement of last Saturday’s elections as the act of God, saying APC was planning to stagger and rig the polls.

He explained that there were 10 states of the federation including Plateau where APC and INEC had connived to stagger the elections with a view to rigging out the PDP.

“The president’s statement about the election is laughable; he has presided over this country for about three and a half years and killings have been going on by people he doesn’t know; he has never in one statement directed the military or security to shoot-on-sight anybody. But for an election which is a civil right and duty of Nigerians to go and cast vote, he said they should be shot.

“It means the country doesn’t operate under the rule of law; it is a jungle justice. The president’s pronouncement is a jungle justice, it is a very unfortunate statement and I condemn it in totality.

“Nigeria has gone beyond dictatorship; if it is a dictatorship, we have seen worst dictators. There was no dictator that was worst than Abacha; people fought him to a standstill; Nigerians fought him until he died. So, his own is a fly dictatorship; he doesn’t even know what he is doing.

“What he is doing means that he values the elections more than human lives; that is what it means. He has presided over the killings of people that he has never talked about; the killings that have been going on he doesn’t bother about them; now he has ordered security agencies to kill because of voting; he doesn’t value human lives.”

He said the logistics challenges cited by INEC as the reason for the postponement of the elections was not genuine, insisting that meteorologists had not come out to say that the weather was not conducive for planes to fly on that Saturday.

Tapgun who is a founding member of PDP said his party had done the groundwork and was ready to resist any form of rigging by the ruling party.

He urged Nigerians to remain patient and come out on Saturday to vote massively for the PDP to send President Buhari and his cohorts parking out of the presidency.

Tapgun said PDP is the only party that can restore hope and prosperity in Nigeria where the average Nigerian would once again eat three-square meal and access affordable health care services and basic needs of life.

He expressed confidence that PDP would win Saturday’s presidential and National Assembly elections, regretting that Nigerians have suffered pains and hardship and time has come for them to put an end to their plight.

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