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Buhari’s statement : Should Nigerians who think they’ve another country leave?

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It is frustrating  especially when someone is building and others are pulling him down. I did not see anything bad or derogatory in the statement. I will describe it as a call to patriotism because most Nigerians are not patriotic. We do not believe that anything good can come out of our nation and it is very bad. It is also unfortunate that the younger generation is involved in this. Miss. Ebose Ikechukwu, Engineer


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I think President Muhammadu Buhari was quoted out of context. He once eulogised the late Tunde Idiagbon for coming back from Saudi Arabia despite an offer by the king of Saudi to accommodate him and his family.What he said was that Idiagbon agreed to build the nation because he believed in the project called Nigeria. The President means well.Mr Ayomide Adebanjo

I am really  disappointed with the statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari. He should find a way out so that those who left can come back. Nigerians need to open their eyes to everything the President is saying because they are symbolic. I didn’t expect that statement from someone, who is supposed to be encouraging Nigerians.
Miss Oluwadamilola Ayobami, Marketing specialist

When we voted  Buhari in 2015, we chose change but didn’t see the change. I am disappointed that this is the type of change Buhari was talking about. The statement speaks much about what he thinks about Nigerians. A leader should inspire confidence and hope in the people he is leading. I want Nigerians to reject him in 2019.
Mr. Adesami Adetola Student

The statement by the President can be considered as an insult on the patriotic citizens of Nigeria. Why would the President of this nation say that those, who do not want to stay should leave? The statement was made in the face of the hardship this administration has inflicted on us. Instead of ensuring that the citizens remain in the country, he wants them to leave. Mr.Sunny Unebu, Student

It was not right for the  President to have made such a statement because it implied that the government does not care about how Nigerians feel.If the government had created an enabling environment for progress, who would speak ill of the country? It is a sign of carelessness on the part of the administration that has failed
Mr. Nwangwu Nnaedozie Businessman

By Ebun Sessou, Yinka Latona, Chioma John, Tade Oluwapelumi, Miriam Elibe & Chisom Nwangwu

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