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Call by SA to President Buhari for regulation of social media (1)

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The government cannot be said to be completely wrong in trying to control the harmful aspects of the use of social media.

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The government should amend its ways because if it had provided social amenities for the masses and enabling environment for people to live, there will not be room for hate speech or the act of abusing those in power on the social media.

President Buhari

*Mrs. Adeosun Tolulope, Hair dresser

The government should not take action or implement policies that tend to divide us.  If rooms are created for people to feel divided, it means creating opportunities for hate speeches.

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If the government is creating jobs and equal opportunities for people, there will not be an atmosphere for hate speech to thrive. Probably our government is afraid of criticism and any good government must not be afraid of criticism.*Mrs. Asonye Frank. Businesswoman

It is a universal belief that the survival and growth of democracy depend on how free the people are to criticise an administration. That is why democracy in one country is never similar anywhere.In Nigeria, there are several laws guarding against unverified comments. Nigeria has laws against cybercrimes. We also have laws against libel, slander, and sedition. The government needs to institute an action against whosoever  violates the laws. Mrs. Aghomi Peace Accountant

What this administration considers to be social media abuse is indeed, what other developed countries would welcome and term constructive attempts at correcting certain ills in her polity. Our government needs to be open to criticism because it does not know it all. Without inputs from the people, no government will perform well anywhere

Gerald Anyaso, Student

I think the Buhari administration dedicates time and resources that should be used in fixing our problems, to issues that undermine freedom. Why would the government want to interfere with our activities on social media?  The actions of this government on certain issues are in contrats with what is expected of them.  Nwangwu Chizoba, Student

The social media is an open platform where people air their view without restrictions. Sometimes I go online  and see some posts that offend people. I find things like that condemnable but it is not enough for the government to control the social media.  I love the fact that there would be laws curbing social media abuse but at the same time, I am begging Buhari not to use this means to stop us from airing our views. Ikeoluwa Mercy, Makeup artist

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