Can I date him?

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Dear Yemisi,

I am a 16-year-old girl.

I am in SSS3. A male colleague approached me for an affair and my response was that we should be best friends.

I am in the know that he has two girlfriends already and I still love him.

What should I do?

Anonymous Girl,

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Dear Anonymous Girl,

Don’t muddle up this issue. You have claimed in your reaction to this your colleague’s advances that it is better you remain as friends though you did not define the friendship.

Apart from the fact that you have reliably gathered that he already has two girlfriends, why do you want to add to his problem? Don’t you think it will be an overkill? What you all are toying with might spell doom at the end of the day if dating is your priority in place of your studies.

You are just toying with your emotions unnecessarily at this age of your age because you are not yet ripe to handle shocks and disappointments associated with dating as a secondary school student.

Don’t forget that your acclaimed lover is your age mate who has got himself entangled in having two girlfriends at his age and by the time you give in, makes you three in his life.

It is better you distance yourself from this guy. You will be saving yourself a lot of embarrassment by stopping fantasizing about becoming one of his dates. If you ask me, you don’t need any serious relationship with any boy/man now. You cannot afford to have all your eggs in a basket. Your studies should be your priority now.

Dating will only derail your ambition of being a girl to be proud of by your parents.

Be true to yourself by deferring having a lover who will be more of hinderance to the realization of your life ambition.

Good luck to you

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