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Carabao Cup: Guardiola wins first England trophy in style


To build a community of Nigerians from all walks of life, a massive online workshop were Nigerians rub minds on solutions that can be implemented starting with SELF.


“To instigate a MENTAL REVOLUTION” and provoke POSITIVE CHANGE that starts with SELF.

We are confident that if we restore our value system, convince us that we have a role to play and recognize that our differences are less than our similarities, we can re-instate the confidence of Nigerians in the possibility and potential of a great Nigeria, accommodating ALL.

DPR seals three filling stations in Jigawa over fraudulent activities


The people: -

We believe that there lies in everyone, great potential to be a solution to some problem or issue of our ailing world. Ours is to act as the “agent provocateur” that gets us ideating to solve our problems.


Nigerian Oracle consists of ordinary Nigerians from all walks of life, contributing in COMMUNITY forum discussions, submitting stories and eye witness reports and adding opinions to the SUGGESTION BOX. Every Nigerian is an eligible team mate and the more we are, the more significant our contributions.

Nigerian Oracle


Nigerians are enslaved by their basic paradigms and thought processes that have have resulted from a psyche, brutalized and bastardized through a bad foundation, years of lies, war, military dictatorship etc.

We believe here that symptoms of our real problems are being tackled while the key instrumentality of CHANGE, which is we, the people are ignored.

Our core values have been replaced by  a “poverty mentality” and “culture of impunity". We are there fore willing and indeed able to do any and everything for money.
The result is the injustice, corruption, violence and crime that has become the bane of our society.

"Together we can re-ignite our confidence and faith in Nigeria thus exposing once again, the infinite" possibilities that abound in our great Nation  - Jude Banye

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