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Young professionals float campaign funding initiative

Bauchi records 507 suspected cases of measles — WHO

Duke of Somolu (DOS) support group has emerged to seek the democratisation of campaign funding, while ensuring a level-playing ground for all candidates. The senate had resolved to set campaign spending limits for senatorial elections at N250 million and N100 million for House of Representatives, while an individual can only donate N1 million and corporate […] …

Gabon official websites hacked

Nigeria loses $5bn annually to rice smuggling, Ogbeh says

The Anonymous hackers collective on Sunday claimed it hacked into more than 70 Gabon government websites, as part of what it called a campaign against dictatorships. Government sites including the ministries of communications and the civil service were inaccessible on Sunday, as were the websites of at least 30 other institutions. The presidency website continued […] …