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US is loser by abandoning Iran nuclear deal

Iran’s president boasted Sunday that the United States has lost against the Islamic republic’s “righteousness and wisdom” by walking out of the landmark nuclear deal. “Everyone knows that America has lost legally and politically by giving up on its international obligations and that we have achieved victory,” said President Hassan Rouhani in a speech at […] …

Iranian diplomat extradited to Belgium over ‘bomb plot’

An Iranian diplomat linked to an alleged bomb plot against an Iranian opposition rally in France has been extradited to Belgium from Germany, prosecutors said on Tuesday. The Vienna-based Iranian, who has previously been identified as Assadollah Assadi, was handed over and will appear before the Belgian judge in charge of the case on Wednesday, […] …

US not seeking war with Iran, says General

US not seeking war with Iran, says General

The United States is not seeking conflict with Iran, the general overseeing America’s military involvement in the Middle East said on Thursday, even as some Trump administration officials have stepped up rhetoric against Tehran. “I don’t think we’re seeking to go to war with Iran, and I don’t think that’s what we’re focused on,” General […] …