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Their siblings

SAMPLE 1: “The event recorded a large turnout of attendance which signal (sic) acceptance of the Okowa candidacy and appreciation for the entertainers who came out in one accord to use there impressive followership to draw attention to the giant developmental strides of the state.”(Solidarity Concert for Okowa in Agbor, Sunday Vanguard, 6 January, 2019) […]
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Precedence, precedent, sometimes

SAMPLE 1:  “Akinyemi, a chieftain of the pro-democracy group—the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO)—in its heyday, said there is no basis for such opposition to the conferment of the honour as there is already some precedence.”(June 12: Abiola’s Rival Tofa Kicks as ACF Backs Buhari, The Nation, 10 June, 2018) We note the word precedence found […]
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A tribute to my readers!

THE major sustaining force of the efforts on this page is the availability of passionate readership. Avid and intelligent readers of this column are spread all over Nigeria. And these are active, vibrant, inquisitive and sensitive readers. Their seeming silence over time would wrongly suggest that they are not there. But as soon as something […]
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Suppose and concord

SAMPLE 1: “We saw some underage girls who are suppose to be in the school and one guy appeared some somewhere and threatened to beat us…”(NGO Gives Hope to Vulnerable Children, The Nation, 6 January, 2019) Let us note the word suppose which occurs in the following context: “who are suppose to be.” It is […]
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Done in good faith

Declining Activities At PenCom

SAMPLE 1: “He said the committee was given five days to review the statement issued by the spokesman and ascertain whether it was done in good fate and in accordance with the council’s ethos.”(Buhari’s Endorsement Divides Ijaw Youths, The Nation, 6 January, 2019) I draw readers’ attention to the word fate which occurs in the […]
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With a view to delaying…

SAMPLE 1: “The state Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning…stressed that Ambode had taken steps to sustain the tradition on budget presentation, saying, however that efforts had been punctured by taken lawmakers who claimed they could not form a quorum for the activity to hold.”(Lagos: Ambode, Lawmakers Trade Blames over Delayed 2019 Budget, Sunday Vanguard, […]
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Been and being revisited

Davido Hangs Out With Billionaires At New Year Eve Event

SAMPLE 1: “He noted that plans were been intensified to provide shelter for the refugees so as to make it conducive to manage the people and to give them a sense of belonging…The Community Relations Officer for Obanliku, Mr Daniel Okono said that efforts were been made to contain the influx of the asylum seekers […]
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The question where

Rwanda prepare for Eagles in Tunisia

SAMPLE 1: “The horrible crime was blown open when the girls’ mother, Mrs Mary Sulaiman, was advised to take them for medical tests after she expressed worry that her two daughters where emaciating…I started to […]
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Being provided with a chance

PDP Convention: Okowa assures aspirants of level-playing field

SAMPLE 1: “Today, all over the Northeast, our people are been provided with a chance to begin the urgent task of rebuilding their lives livelihood.”(Teenager Who Discovered Site of Crashed Air Force Jet Realizes Ambition, […]
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Phenomenon of crises

Rivers 2019: How Amaechi convinced me to run as APC candidate —Tonye Cole

SAMPLE 1: “It is sad that today the crises has taken a new dimension since the introduction of grazing law in some states…Major General Victor Okwudili Ezuggwu identified the herdsmen conflict as a global phenomena […]
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