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Attitudes that determine success

Scott Hamilton, a retired skater, gained global attention after winning the U.S. Championships and World Championships in skating four consecutive times from 1981 to 1984 and topping these with a gold medal in the 1984 […]
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Leaders and power dynamics

Leaders get things done because they have power. Their ability to achieve set goals and impact positively on those around them is determined by the level of power they can muster. No matter how noble […]
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Managing business cycles

LADOL gets free zone recognition

Businesses run in cycles; boom and bust, peak and trough, good and bad, great and tough. However, irrespective of the cycle in which a business finds itself, the stakeholders’ expectations remain unchanged – value must […]
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Leaders and power of networking

How Mariah Carey Was Robbed Off Accessories Worth N18M

On April 18, 1775, a Boston boy overheard a conversation between two British soldiers that there would be “hell to pay tomorrow.” Immediately, he ran to Paul Revere, a silversmith, with the news. Revere knew […]
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Leading with discipline

The difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders usually boils down to one thing; self-discipline. As observed by Jim Rohn, discipline is the bridge between aspiration and accomplishment. Successful leaders subject themselves to a regimen of […]
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Growth or death the choice is yours

Equities slide, Forte, Oando, Nascon, Morison top losers

Science teaches that whatever does not grow dies. This is usually applied to living organisms but, in reality, the application extends beyond animals and plants to organisations because when a business entity stops growing, it […]
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