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Nigeria as a burning train?

I have a younger friend, an aburo, in the common Nigerian parlance, who lives in Canada. He has been living in his adopted country for the past two decades. I have only met him a few times in Nigeria when he came visiting, and in Canada when I had cause to visit. But he is so active on the WhatsApp platform we both belong to that I feel I know him very well.
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Don’t cry for Adeosun

Those in my generation who grew up in the South-West and attended Awolowo’s elementary schools would be familiar with D.O Fagunwa’s books. They were fascinating books. The escapades of valiant hunters in one of the books captured imaginations. So did the mushy love stories in another. One particular book, ‘Ogboju Ode’ (‘Brave Hunter’) went beyond the classrooms into homes and even playgrounds as we recited portions that captured our fertile minds. Even today, some six decades after, I can still recite some portions.
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Again, the police

BREAKING: 2019 Presidency!!! South-East Boils As Okorocha Sacks All His Commissioners, Shuts Down 27 Local Government, Set To Dump APC For PDP

It is a known fact that Nigeria is under-policed. Grossly under-policed. But you wouldn’t know it from the uses to which we put the few we have. Every big man in Nigeria has a policeman as a symbol of his ‘bigmanism.’ These policemen serve as valets, messengers, traffic conductors and enforcers. In short, they serve as ‘Man Friday’ in demeaning, belittling ways. A good percentage of what is left of our Force finds itself on the highways.
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This has become an S.O.L(Save Our Lives)

This has become an S.O.L(Save Our Lives)

An old friend died of prostate complications on Sunday. He died in the US. While every death diminishes humanity, every death abroad diminishes the country and every preventable death points an accusing finger at our health care system. Yomi Ismael’s death to me represented all of these. I have known Yomi for about four decades and he was always so full of life. He always seemed to have a joke for every situation. I am glad I did not see him bed-ridden or tongue tied so I can always keep that bubbly, jovial image of him. His death is raw in its suddenness and it hurts. So raw that you still feel like lashing out at our health system for his lack of timely awareness; his need to go abroad for treatment; the dearth and growing exodus of qualified medical personnel from our country which makes going abroad for surgery almost inevitable.
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June 12: Did Buhari present US a Greek gift?

June 12: Did Buhari present US a Greek gift?

My recent trip down June 12 memory lane, started with an article Sam Omatseye wrote on Kunle Ajibade. It was on the latter’s 60th birthday. Kunle, a journalist, is one of those who symbolised the struggle to actualise June 12 and any tribute to him that ignores his travails in the hands of the Abacha boys will definitely be incomplete. This article did some justice to that aspect of the life of gentle looking Ajibade whom Omatseye aptly described as a most unlikely candidate for the gulag. His article was closely followed by another beautiful article titled: ‘Class of ‘98’ by Dare Babarinsa. Dare’s article talked about the incarceration of Kunle Ajibade but didn’t end there. It managed, in a few choice words, to capture the June 12 struggle including the role played by some principled and courageous Nigerians. Some of them ended up in jail. Some in exile. Some had their homes and means of livelihood destroyed. Some survived assassination. Some did not and paid the ultimate price. The streets of Benin, Ibadan and Lagos to name but a few, were littered with known and unknown heroes.
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Our politicians should look at the mirror

Where is the crime they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute?- Rep. Chaffetz

Anybody with a heart should be bleeding for what is happening in Benue State in particular and the entire North-Central in general. Hardly a day goes by without reports of someone being killed in a most gruesome manner. Or people being displaced from their ancestral land. Or houses being burnt and farms destroyed in a most wanton manner. Or women being gang raped and slaughtered like cattle. The one thing that a rural community has, the one thing going for it is serenity.
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What if Buhari doesn’t run in 2019?

Illegal fertilizer factory sealed up in Kaduna

The knives came out from the young and old—and from some unexpected quarters— immediately President Buhari made his desire to contest for the presidency in 2019 official. Some of the criticisms against his eligibility were true. Some were false. Many were exaggerated. All of that is to be expected as they happen even in more advanced democracies.
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Again,the health sector

JOHESU is an acronym for Joint Health Sectors Union. Ordinarily, this should mean that it speaks for all the health sectors in the country. That should have been good news to government or whoever has to negotiate with these sectors. But it has turned out to be bad news instead because JOHESU sees the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)—a major sector—as a rival and wants parity at all costs, including deaths to hapless patients who find themselves in the cross-fire. Sectors that should speak with one voice have thus become a tower of Babel.
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Randy professors and the rest of us

Both the mainstream and social media have been full of condemnations—and rightly so— for the randy Professor who wanted to ‘knack’—forgive my vulgarity—a girl young enough to be his grand-daughter five times before he could raise her marks from 33 to 40 —a rough translation of one ‘round’ per mark with two bonus marks that would probably be contingent on ‘satisfactory performance.’
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