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Garrulous Rohr

From pre-Independence era till date, the national men’s football team has been known by several names. The first name they were known by was the UK Tourists who played on bare foot as we were told.
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When IAAF challenges God

Despite the IAAF claims then, she was embraced in her home country – where she was declared “our girl”. She also reacted thus:  “God made me the way I am and I accept myself. I am who I am and I’m proud of myself,” she had told a magazine.
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Awaiting FIBA on NBBF crisis

Listening to the NTA a couple of days ago, I saw the leadership of the Federal Ministry of  Sports and Youth Development beating their chest and saying that one of their achievements was the democratisation of the National Sports Federations. 
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The EPL title chase

As at today, it is only the EPL that has the least number of points separating the top team from the second team. In the EPL, Liverpool top with 61 points from 24 matches while Tottenham toppled Manchester City from second position after pipping Newcastle United 1-0 yesterday from 25 games.
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Cycling: Massari, living Iloh’s dream

The situation further deteriorated when the powerful wife of a top government official converted the velodrome, which ranks among the third best in the world and the best in Africa, into a warehouse for cooking gas cylinders she had  bought to share to Nigerian women who she expected to return the then ruling party to power in the 2015 elections.
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Massari’s silent revolution in cycling

The impact he was making with cycling in Rivers state may have attracted the Interest of the lovers of the sport as well as officials of the sports Ministry who worked to see that he emerged the President of the National body.
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Referees as kill joy

JUST IN: More Trouble As IGP, Idris Ibrahim, Lands In Another Controversy Over Billions Of Naira Whistle Blower Corruption Allegation

For most sports men, the fear of referees is the beginning of wisdom. They are like judges in court who have power to save or jail an offender. They can make or mar a match depending on how they handle a particular game.
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Amiesimaka’s wise counsel

The ex player cum administrator of repute says: “The world football governing body doesn’t want to be entangled in politics of countries, so it recognises and deals directly with National Federations/Associations affiliated to it. Accordingly, FIFA expects such affiliates to be recognised by the Laws of their respective countries, but not to be created by them.
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