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Cee C Becomes Head Of House, A Virtuous Woman, And More Highlights Of Day Day 78 At The BB Naija 2018 House

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Day 78 at the BB Naija house was quieter than you would think and had a certain housemate feeling the weight of loneliness but crowing it at the end of the day with a new title.

The housemates also have to deal with losing their wager and start their new task for the week.

These are the interesting things that happened on Day 78 at the BB Naija 2018 house.

Reign On My Parade

The remaining Big Brother Housemates have unanimously chosen Nina as the new Head of House for the final week.

Unlike going into the Arena and playing a game of chance that eventually crowns the HOH, Biggie asked the Housemates to choose from either a Housemates who’s had the least opportunity or the one who has the most experience in heading the House.

Cee-C, who’s never had the opportunity to be HOH missed out on the opportunity when they decided to vote on it. Even though Miracle had put her name up, trying to be fair towards everyone, Alex disputed it and suggested it be put to a vote.

Alex’ reason for going against Cee-C was that she doesn’t ‘want drama’ in the house and ironically, Cee-C let the issue go to rest.

But Big Brother vetoed the decision and had them vote again. By general consensus, and for the sake of peace. Biggie decided to intervene and set the Housemates straight about Cee-C, the Housemate with the least Head of House record should be the new leader. Against all odds, Cee-C was imposed upon the House, to everyone’s bitter surprise.

Heading The House

The Housemates joked about the Head of House duties saying it’s to change batteries but for someone who hasn’t experienced it, it would have been a chance.

However, the decision came and Nina graciously accepted the title and life in the House went back to how it was, where Alex and Tobi were laying down in the upstairs executive suite while Nina and Miracle on the other beds downstairs.

Cee-C on the other hand, who’s somehow been isolated from the rest, also went her separate way.

Roles in Motion

The Housemates lost their wager yesterday but Big Brother has given them an opportunity to avoid starvation in their final week in the House.

Each day will produce a different challenge and unlike previously, the rewards will not be in the form of BBNairas or shopping privileges but will be whatever Biggie feels they deserve.

Their performances in the challenge will determine if they deserve a reward or not and today they’ve started with a role playing task.

The Housemates were given a mystery hat to pick out names of the people they’d be impersonating and at the sound of the buzzer were required to start their roles.

Miracle picked out Joseph Yobo and has been with the ball since while Nina, Alex and Tobi had to impersonate other evicted Housemates.

In the first round, Nina had to impersonate Dee-One, Tobi had to pull an Ifu Ennada which he mimicked from the accent to the walk while Alex had to imitate her former rival, Khloe.

Cee-C, on the other hand, refused to let others know who she had picked and after a while asking her she decided to just be quiet and make herself something to eat.

However, Biggie clearly stated in the Brief that during the period of the challenge, Housemates were not allowed to be quite at any time for more than five minutes. Additionally, the brief also made it clear that Housemates are not allowed to have an alone time nor is sleeping permitted.

The task is supposed to bring the unity in the House and Housemates are required to work together.

A Virtuous Woman

With only six days to go before the eagerly anticipated Big Brother Naija Finale, our Housemates are feeling the heat. One Housemate in particular, seems to be feeling it more than the others.

Since Day 1, Cee-C has clashed with a number of her fellow Housemates and now the chickens are coming home to roost. From fiery fights over food to full-on fall-outs with love interests, Cee-C’s journey has been as colorful as they come – and as the numbers have continued to dwindle courtesy of Evictions week after week, so have her allies.

Last night, Lolu, Anto and Khloe were given the boot, leaving Cee-C to “roll solo”. As soon as she walked back into the House after the Eviction Show last night, Nina, Miracle, Alex, and Tobi looked shell-shocked, possibly because they thought she had been sent packing (which of course isn’t the case) – and just like that, the stage was set for awkward interactions.

This may be why yesterday, Cee C finally let herself be emotional especially when a virtuous woman by Flavour was being played. The realization that she was truly alone and had no one to lean to in the house must have been heavy for her to deal with. But you will not find her face down in front of the other housemates. She held her head high in front of them.

When Sleep Cupid Strikes

As the number in the Big Brother House has reduced and it’s down to the final stretch, the Housemates’ entertainment span has also reduced.

More than anything, what they seem to like doing most is sleeping even though there’s a task given to them. Although it’s nothing new, with the friendships and closeness they have, one wouldn’t think they’d run out of things to do.

Even though the finalist has built solid relationships with each other, except for Cee-C who’s somehow isolated herself from the rest, sleep seems to have taken over.

And though one would imagine the House as the perfect setup for friends, what’s one to do in between the buzzer sounds?

Khloe made a promise when she was still in the House but failed at it dismally, because the midday nap became a norm.

Even after Alex’ vow that there would never be any Housemates who sleep while she’s still in the House, she’s also failed and instead joined in the sleeping routine.

All Shocked And Surprised

Alex, Cee-C, Miracle, Nina, and Tobi had just enough time to catch their breath following a series of unpredictable events that Biggie asked them if they had in any way, shape or sense anticipated the concentrated can of Double Wahala that had opened up.

For Miracle, nothing had prepared him to live the Eviction of three Housemates at once, especially since the Reset had returned Anto and Khloe to the House. According to Nina and Tobi, there were clues in the air about everyone except Lolu, whose exit was totally unexpected.  Just this once, Cee-C concurred with her peers about Lolu, and added that she hadn’t seen any of the sensational events coming, especially given how she had been made to stay in the Arena fearing for her own fate. To make it worse, Cee-C didn’t even expect her own return in the House.

Yet Alex didn’t hide that she was just deeply irritated to see Cee-C back, as she would have preferred Anto who had much less drama to manage especially at such a crucial time of the game. Even Miracle seemed to be at the end of his tethers when he stated that they popped drinks at four and suddenly became five Housemates again.

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Somehow Nina and Tobi barely mentioned Cee-C’s return, focused as they were on sending love to viewers and Evicted Housemates. But Cee-C exulted at the memory of her surprise come-back, as she called the look on her peers’ faces ‘priceless’, a stare that she believed meant she was the girl who had refused to die.

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