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Congratulating Ogun governor-elect

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CONGRATULATIONS to the voters in Ogun State and Prince Dapo Abiodun, the governor-elect. When we both started this journey in 2003, today was so cloudy to us. God who knows the best time to answer prayers answered yours today. No one can stop the miraculous work of God. From 2003, the flight was harrowing and turbulent but your sweet victory sent a strong a message to the unwary and those who see themselves as mini-god. It also warns those coming behind that these positions are temporary, like the food we eat, it shall end one day and we shall both live in the same society we created when in power.

Yes, uneasy lies the head that wears a beaded crown, you must trek cautiously for the Yoruba race you are about to lead is sophisticated, intensely wise and fearlessly reactive people. Lanrewaju Adepoju, the Ewi exponent once said, he is always fearful when he remembers that he is a Yoruba man; that is pregnant with meanings. What is happening to our mutual friend today is a lesson to all. They would praise when you do well, many sycophants would work to lead you to Ogun River and turn back to say you are on your own when the die is cast. This type of treacherous attitude is always watered by disrespectful leaders who see themselves as having monopoly of wisdom and overlord themselves over subordinates who would tell them what they simply want to hear.   Surround yourself with those who would tell you the truth and those with genuine ideas to liberate our people from shackles of disease and ignorance. Yes, power does intoxicate, but please my brother, do not allow it. Remember what you went through in life, how many times “wetin you carry”, custom officers etc. victimized you on Nigerian roads and all the bad security experiences you have had in our dear country and strive to make it better for our children and posterity.

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Remember the roads to your house in Iperu and similar roads throughout Ogun State. Work to ensure all and sundry enjoy the dividends of democracy under your rule to kill the urge for this backward zoning system. Work together with experienced leaders to improve our political system; a system that would make elections free, fair and without influence of money from primary to general elections and a system that would produce the best, not parasites and flatterers. This will be a measure of your success in power and that is what Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his colleagues are still remembered and respected for till today.   Your Eagle has dared, your vulture has landed in style, make the best of it.

I must also commend and congratulate our vice president, a quintessential gentleman, Governor Olusegun Osoba, Senator Gbenga Kaka and many others for rescuing the party and the people of Ogun from a volatile situation and for maintaining their cools and exercising their rights when the President directed Nigerians to vote for any candidate of their choice at an APC rally. I wish you a successful tenure in office, a sound development and progressive growth in the next four years.

  • Ogbeni Lanre Banjo, Ogun State

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