Cossy vows to expose ungrateful actresses who she ‘changed their stories’ in new book

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Sultry Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor has vowed to expose some actresses who she claims to have helped in the past and refused to acknowledge or ‘appreciate’ her.

In a telephone conversation with Thenetng, she revealed she is writing a book on all her experiences because of the need to let people know all that she’s been through in the past.

When asked why she decided to write a book, tentatively titled Ungrateful Delilah, Cossy says that she was contracted to introduce a lady to a friend of hers, but she ended up getting betrayed by both of them.

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She said, ‘I met this man in 2011 and I realized that I can’t even date him because he really likes women, so I decided to just be his friend and he asked me to introduce him to some friends in the industry.  

‘I went out of my way to do that, I told him that if I do that, he will just change my car and I was using a RAV 4 then. Next thing he bought a car for one of the girls I introduced to him, and she then gave me N100,000 in appreciation and now went to show him the slip that she used in paying me.

‘Then I introduced the actresses to him, he gave one of them N400,000 but he gave the other actresses N1 million each, but I never collected anything from him.’

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Cossy revealed further, ‘I met another lady on a bike and I felt she was pretty,  I followed her and asked for her number, I asked her if she could do a particular job by meeting someone and that the guy would give her N400,000 she was so happy and said she would go, I didn’t even know if she was an actress, after meeting the man, she came and gave me N50,000.

‘It was a week to my birthday and I was getting tired of his promises and my Range [Rover] was not forthcoming.’

When she was however told that there was no Iyanu but an Iyabo in the industry, Cossy said, ‘I’m not using their real names because I am writing a book, and it is a tell it all book about all the things which I have passed through. I will let you know when my book is out.

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‘I was so depressed, so I asked him why it was taking so long to get my own Range Rover and then I found out that the lady who I met taking bikes round town will record some of these conversations, and send it to the man.

‘I was so upset because all I wanted was just to take the Range Rover and go, but this girl kept saying ‘why would she be the one ‘screwing’ the man and they will be buying me a Range, all these she did was out of jealousy to overthrow me.’

‘So she kept on going for runs and sometimes got paid N300k and never told me anything. All of a sudden, I saw that she collected two Range Rovers at once, this was someone who was driving one rickety car and staying in one swampy area of Lagos, and it’s so annoying because that was the same Range Rover that he bought for me.

‘I’ve been trying to live with it, and she is still with this man even as at this time, I don’t like keeping things all bottled up because I am a naturally happy person, but I feel bad.’

Apostle Suleman
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When asked if she’s referring to Iyabo Ojo and Apostle Suleman, she had this to say:

‘No, you do the calculation, in 2013, I had bought a land and was building it. I was hustling and doing a lot of things because I know what I wanted.

‘I have a BSC in accounting so I am a learned person. He called me for a job and I did it for him, I didn’t even know how big this my ‘friend’ was until I started seeing him all over the place. All that will be in my book, I am not dropping names, but the names might be similar.

‘I don’t have any reason to lie, what is painful is after she became rich, she never bothered to ask if I got the Range despite the fact that I was the one that discovered her, I just want to pour out my mind and get a closure.’

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