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CPC Shuts Down Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts Over Expired Fillings, Superimposed Expiry Dates

CPC Shuts Down Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts Over Expired Fillings, Superimposed Expiry Dates

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Chiemelie Ezeobi

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC), Wednesday stormed the office of the popular Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts confectionary in Victoria Island, Lagos and shut it down over alleged unwholesome production.

The company was accused of using expired doughnut mix and fillings used in producing doughnuts, as well as surreptitious replacement of the expiry date of materials by superimposing new expiry stickers on products in clear violation of the law.

Leading the raid, CPC Director General, Babatunde Irukera said the shut down was after they conducted a quality inspection on d products, facilities and operations of the doughnut shop and discovered the raw materials used by the confectionery company were past their expiry dates.

Afterwards, Irukera went on Twitter to engage Nigerians who had questions about the raid and subsequent shut down.

He said, “Even if the products will pass a test, is it ok for the company to conceal the real expiry date, and attempt to convey the products as within inventory control expiration time?

“Isn’t it enough that Krispy Kreme tampered with the information providing expiry date? The legitimate date is the ‘use by: 03/07/2018. Its on the bag from the manufacturer.

“The white sticker which says Best before: 30/09/2018 wad printed by Krispy Kreme and imposed on the original date to conceal it, and portray the white sticker as the manufacturer’s suggested date.

“Take a good look, the bag has expiry date- July 2018. The sticker was superimposed on the date on the bag. We put them side by side so you can see what Krispy Kreme did. And there’s a whole container load of that that’s been impounded by NAFDAC now.”

In response to allegations that they were biased because the company is a foreign one Irukera said, ” We don’t consider nationality. But if we protect and people are still improvished, could it mean we need to do more? You’re arguing that we should desist so that in addition to poverty, people can die or be sick?”

“I consider Krispy Kreme a credible brand, but something went wrong here, and there must be consequences especially with food.

“I don’t know if it’s the franchisor itself, or their local franchisee, but someone did wrong and they of all should know better and do better.

“We spent over an hour engaging them. We called NAFDAC to verify their claims and realised they were less than forthright and concealed exhibits.

“NAFDAC and CPC returned for fuller regulatory intervention. We are not clowns, we know our work. They know it too.

“They broke the law. They make food. Their safe bet should not make people unsafe. If their bet was to use expired raw materials or revalidate without regulatory process, then they are predators and they bet against us. They should lose the bet but I hope this is not them.”

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