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Designing your dining room

Designing your dining room

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Joy Marcus

A beautiful dining design is the centre of every home. However, before adding your own unique touches, there are a few key design decisions that will help get you on the right track. Here are a few tips on how to design your dining area

Colour palette

According to, your dining space is likely to be used most often in the evenings rather than during the day; so, make sure you settle for the right colour palette that will beautify your home. Experiment with bold, impactful colours that are perfect for entertaining. Also, when there is a soft lighting in the room, it will help intensify rich tones to create an intimate, atmospheric space.


Pick a light that will be flexible enough to provide focus for the table and the room atmosphere. A chandelier hanging directly above the table will achieve this effect and provide a central focus to the space. Wall lighting or lamps can also help to illuminate the room and create your space look casual and convivial.

Add drama

Dining rooms are one of the spaces in the home that can handle a touch of drama. The artworks, bold statement pieces and wallpapers contribute in adding colours to the space. Using patterned or textured wallpaper is a simple way to add a bit of understated drama to the room while still maintaining an overall effect of elegance and sophistication.


This is the most prominent piece of furniture in the dining room that sets the tone for the entire room. Whatever your design aspirations are, ensure you choose the right one that suits your personality and overall style. Think about the size of the room and how many people you expect to serve regularly. This might include your immediate family who live with you, along with the close friends or relatives you host year after year during the holidays. There are incredible ranges of choice when it comes to tables; so, consider the shape, height and the finishing before making your choice. From wood to slate, marble and glass, there are dozens of materials to choose from as well and each that will make an impact.


How chairs look and fit around the table is important, but don’t forget that their essential purpose is to provide a comfortable seat. The distance between the seat height and table surface should be one of your key considerations.  If the gap is too small, you won’t be able to push your chair in comfortably and if it is too large, the seats will be uncomfortably low. If you don’t have much space around the table but still want to make an impact, consider using simpler designs around the length of the table and put a larger statement chair at each end of the table to create a similar effect.


This is the centre of interest of your table and can be particularly useful when the table is not set or when the dining room is not in use. They are a few pieces such as decorative glassware, small sculpture and flower arrangement that can be used to tie the room together to give you that perfect finishing.

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