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Diaspora Africans set for 3rd Nigeria Carnival USA

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The Africans in Diaspora particularly those in the USA, the Caribbean and Asia have girded their loins for the celebration of the 3rd Nigeria Carnival scheduled to hold on Monday 23 to 29 July, 2018 in Marryland,  USA.

According to ‘Root’, an Afro – Caribbean newsletter, “the majority of Africans in Diaspora  are girding their loins and scheduling their holidays to tally with the July date scheduled for the hosting of the 3rd Nigeria carnival USA”.

Quoting Alexander Bankie, a Diaspora community leader in Texas “ We are impressed by the activities and cultural coluoration of the 2017 edition. It was not only well packaged, but laced with cultural values and ethics which stoked the nostalgic feeling in some of us. It was a home calling ceremonies which copiously showcased the rich cultural assets of our race”.

Bankie pointed out “I counted myself lucky to be a participant of that Nigeria Carnival 2017 which I almost missed if not because of an African–American who lured me to attend ‘a show from homeland”. And I had to thank him for the gesture of bringing me closer to my root via the carnival”.

He revealed “We found the carnival to be of great import to our quest for identity, mental freedom, cultural indoctrination and emancipation, cross-cultural respect and social miscegenation. Hence, we are tailoring our holidays, recess, shifts and free work days to tally with the July date”.

Bankie “We don’t want some of us to miss the various opportunities which the carnival offer and open. The carnival is a pan Nigeria event which ensures the presence of eminent and prominent Nigerians in government, government and private agencies, traditional rulers, national and state cultural troupes in the US. This is a very prosperous forum for those of us in the Diaspora to rub minds and interact from any level and at any level with these brothers and sisters from Nigeria”.

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