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Do I Know You?

Do I Know You?

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Being a small business owner can be hard. Scratch that; it can be as excruciating as walking in a straight line after a brutal kick to the groin. Ouch! You have a lot to contend with on a daily hourly basis: competitors, inadequate capital, exorbitant bills and taxes, poor infrastructure. You already know the problems you encounter and I need not remind you. My intention is not for you to teeter on the edge of despair.

But there is one problem all small businesses face, including yours that we will tackle today. It is akin to calling up your beautiful crush two hours after she gave you her phone number and hearing her say, “Sorry, do I know you?” Damn! That hurts!

I know you are wondering what problem your business faces that could be causing you so much embarrassment and pain. Yes, I know. Your curiosity is at its peak.

What if I told you that by reading this, you are literally gaining insight into what this problem is and how you can solve it?

Here’s the thing. When you cold-call a prospective client, you may get either of three responses:
1. No, never.
2. No, later.
3. Yes, let’s meet.
If you get the third response every single time you cold-call, this article is not for you. If you get the first two responses frequently, let’s continue.

Now, imagine that when you call again, the same person who had shown enthusiasm in meeting you picks up the phone, listens to your brief introduction and says, “I’m sorry, I do not remember ever having a discussion with you. What exactly do you want?”

These are the kind of responses that can make you want to pack your bags, sell your business assets and leave for an endless vacation. But you know this already, don’t you?

How can you avoid these dismal scenarios?

Let’s flip the coin.

It’s a sweltering Wednesday afternoon and you just ‘jumped and passed’ a clash with a difficult client. Your phone rings and because you are nearest to it, you pick up. It’s my sonorous voice on the line cold-calling you.

You feel the tension dissipate slowly from the soothing effect of my voice but you cling to the familiar wariness that shrouds you like a second skin whenever some stranger calls you. You are about to tell me you have no intention of buying when I say that I would like to send you some tips on Customer Retention for free.

I assure you and request that you check out my website for my free eBook on Customer Retention and weekly updates on the same subject. Of course, you are a smart business owner so you agree to check my website.

Three months later, I am facilitating a training on Customer Retention for your five-man staff. What changed?

It is most likely that I applied the same techniques I have used in this article to draw you in. It’s not jazz. It’s not hypnotism. It’s not seduction. Or maybe it is.

It most certainly is copywriting.

As a business owner, how can you leverage the tools of copywriting in reeling in clients and loyal customers? You will find out in my next feature article next week.

My name is Ini Akpan and I love to help your business make profit through copywriting. Do you have questions and suggestions? Please send them to I’d love to listen to you.

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