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Don’t throw away the baby with the bathwater, Ajimobi urges Makinde

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Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo state has urged governor-elect, Mr Seyi Makinde not to discard all strides of the outgoing administration, but rather embrace those positive developments recorded over the past 94 months while adjusting those policies or actions perceived to be bad.

Ajimobi gave this admonition while speaking with journalists at governor’s office, Ibadan, on the fallout of the governorship election
in the state. Noting that all administrations were bound to have a mixed bag of the good and bad, Ajimobi charged the incoming Makinde-led administration to correct the wrong steps that might have been taken as well as key into his remarkable achievements alike.

Stating that his administration had noteworthy achievements in ensuring peace and socio-economic development, he assured of readiness
to avail Makinde of the needed support and advice that will engender further development of the state.

While warning that his government remained zero tolerant towards any form of brigandage, violence till May 29, Ajimobi, particularly, urged Makinde to sustain his legacy of peace.

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“In all things, we must always appreciate God and God has been very kind to our government. First, we have been able to for the first
time, use eight years, and it was eight years of peace, security, safety and of development on all fronts.

“Also, is the fact that we encourage sustainability of peace and development. We must not allow Oyo state slip back to the days of
brigandage. It is antithetical to development.

“With regard to the newly elected governor, he should also toe the line of peace and encourage the people to toe the line of peace. Even
if we have done bad in some areas, we have done many good things that outweigh those supposedly bad things and in anything in life, there
are pros and cons.

“He should not destroy the good things we have done. We can’t be too careful without missing some steps. The fact that we lost does not
mean that we should throw away the baby with the bath water. I think there are good things he can learn from us, there are good things we
will be ready to give him to take from and he should adjust and improve on the bad ones so that we can go to the next level.

“We will be there till May 29 and won’t tolerate any brigandage till then. I also urge my successor to work to sustain peace and pray that
he uplifts the state. All we all want is development of the state,” Ajimobi said.

Congratulating Makinde and all other winners, he urged those who lost to accept defeat and prepare for the next opportunity to contest.

He however said those who think they were robbed or that there were some form of manipulations should go for the legal way and not violent.

“When you talk about this last election, from the results that we have seen, the declared winners, the usual thing as a sportsman, democrat
is to congratulate all those who won and to encourage those who lost to accept the losses.

“So, all those who lost should accept and if they find reasons why they lost, and they believe that some maneuvering or manipulations
have been done, they should take the legal course.

“But if you believe that nothing untoward has happened, you leave it and prepare for the next time. My admonition is that our people should maintain and sustain peace,” Ajimobi added.

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