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Drive safely! The universe is a treacherous freeway

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The problems of Nigeria are all pervasive. They are exhibited at all levels. Whether it is of minions or potentates, what ail Nigeria are forever present. However, while it is easy to give up on and forgive ordinary peoples for their ignorance or carelessness, what are we to make of persons of high office? Can a man be in high office and claim ignorance of the basic truths of his own existence? Or can he plead absentmindedness or carelessness in matters of life and death for his nation?

We have been both amused and troubled witnessing Nigerian big men play oddballs of themselves. Take Victor Oye, who is the National Chairman of APGA for an example. He says the following of Ms Bianca Onoh-Ojukwu: “I do not know if the wife of the warlord is running for Senate…’’…/

For reminders, Lolo Bianca is the widow of the hero of the Biafra revolution, General Chukwuemeka Odimegwu-Ojukwu. And in speaking of her, Oye who is the Chairman of APGA, we repeat, called Ojukwu a warlord.

At a level Oye may be pardoned. And that is at the level of his being like most Nigerians being fed on the junk history of the Biafra-Nigeria war. First, the framework of that history is that the victor is right and righteous. Second, that the victor is at liberty to invent fiction and post that as history. Third, that if you want to prosper in the great world of barbarism as instituted by the G2 victors you have to buy into their spurious tales, and forged truths.

And one of those forged truths is that General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu is or was a warlord. Nothing, repeat nothing, can be furtherer from the truth. One, from a purely technical point of view General Ojukwu was duly invested as the Head of State of Biafra. Biafra as was, was recognized as an entity, as a country, by several states, including Tanzania in Africa and Haiti in the Americas. These are facts. And other countries had dealings with Biafra on the basis of nationhood of fact, if not precept. Apparently they were waiting on time and perhaps have not finished their waiting. The point is that duly invested or elected rulers of countries are not in political or diplomatic speak characterized or characterizable as warlords. Warlords in political-speak – Oye is a votes-panhandler – are strongmen who seize and control territories, not countries.

Two what led to the declaration of Biafra is this. Biafra was declared as a bastion for the defence of civilization and its tools. That is Biafra was declared as a civilizational mission to uphold the sanctity of freely reached agreements and roundtables. Biafra was the Attic-Greeks in dark Africa, labouring to rescue and free the black man from barbarism. With Biafra, Nigeria or the rump of her, would have been a less barbaric state. This is an iron lore. Thus, Biafra was never, repeat never, a secessionist state, by the logic of the facts and chronology of the events that propelled her. This is important.
In our latest work, Nigeria the Unreported Genocide against the Igbo, we took out time to track and trace the chronology and trajectory of events as up until the declaration and levy of genocide as a tool of hegemony by Gowon and Awolowo, against the Igbo. Before this book just about any historiographers of the Nigerian condition including paradoxically their Igbo counterparts, were mixed up. I am Oru, not Igbo and the point of it is important. But much on it in latter discourses.

The point is that these mixed up historiographers, either in being self or power-serving or ignorant were lost on the simple issue of the dynamical, not the inertial flow of events. But we have corrected the historical faux pas.

Perhaps if Oye and his kind have not been too busy to open history books, he wouldn’t have fallen for the cheap rap that Ojukwu was/is a warlord. Anyway one can report that things are changing and for the better. Just the other day a doctoral student called. He needed further guidance on methods and historiography. And he thanked us profusely for the rare insights that are helping straightened the forged lies of current narratives. The student said he was about the scholarship of Nigerian Genocide and the Biafra-Nigeria civil war. The moral here is, that a perspective, say the winners’ perspective, is popular or enforced, is not a hint it is correct. And there is no amount of spinning that can make propaganda and lies eclipse the truth. All the truth needed was to be brought into the open. Today we live in the haughty splendour that our thesis remains not just truthful but unchallenged. Ahiazuwa.

Anyway it is not too late for Oye to get back to his history lessons and stop embarrassing the rest of us. However it is important to remind all APGA stakeholders that the matter is so serious, that if amends are not made then it is goodbye to APGA. The point is Oye and or APGA must withdraw that epithet and apologize to the nation and humanity.

And next time if Oye is not sure of a thing or the other, let him take and drive them easy. This admonition could do him a world of good. ‘’Drive safely, keep to your lanes, the universe is a treacherous freeway’’, Mother A’Endu. Ahiazuwa.

June 12: There may only be victory for all

June 12 is one of the big dates of some Nigerians. This is especially for those from the Southwest. And there is nothing in this. For instance the Southeast has her own big or liberation dates and so does the North. These are the facts as are.

The point is and remains that despite all the pretences, Nigeria is a country splintered by her heroes. Nigeria alas has no pan-Nigeria hero. So the idea that any one man has a pan-Nigerian mandate is historically a lie. For historical purposes, it is true for instance that Chief MKO Abiola swept the polls from Kano to Calabar. That is to say apparently he had a pan-Nigerian mandate. But history did not stop with his allegedly wining or not winning the June 12 elections. Things moved on and MKO Abiola as is traditional with Nigerians faltered.

It is for instance, a historically valid assertion, that Abiola in his flush of putative victory dismissed the entire Oru na Igbo from his table of governance, despite their, allegedly, like others, having voted for him. It was that betrayal by Abiola, that prompted Chief Arthur Nzeribe to act in the larger interest of saving the nation. Nzeribe had a vision. And it is that if Nigeria was to be a nation it was to be won as Abiola did, but it was to be governed, but not as Abiola wished. Abiola wished for a Group of 2, of the group of Southwest and the North, G2 hegemony and internal imperialism against the East and perhaps the South-South. These are facts and Abiola said and alluded to it himself. And the fact of it made Abiola’s alleged pan-national credentials completely spurious.

Perhaps we should remind ourselves that it is the same G2 hegemony, that the promoters of this current APC were after, never mind their disguises. APC as is, is Abiola’s post alleged-victory mutations, reincarnated. It is just that it went rogue for one leg of the G2 or perhaps for all Nigerians. Things happen.

It is also historically true that Abiola tried to make amends. But at that hour it was merely an afterthought. He had shown his hands and the fights he was after. In electoral terms all Abiola was saying is this: we will take votes from all to govern for the benefit of our hegemons, the G2. And from there events cascaded and we are here today. And we warn again and again. There shall be no victory for one. There may only be victory for all. Ahiazuwa.

But time has passed. And it will serve Nigerians best to come to knowledge as well as to compassion. We must be compassionate to ourselves above all, whether we won a war of genocide or not. And if we did be so self-compassionate, the overflow of that will get out and reach to others, to our neighbours.

So we are all for Abiola being honoured and his mandate restored. And we affirm that on one basis. And it is that one historical restoration is not all historical restorations and is thus not enough. Before Abiola a world of evils also happened. And most signal of this is the of Igbo or Biafra being charged of having attempted secession. That is not what happened. The falsity of that charge need to be restored to its truth.

Thus, the Southwest despite their famous or infamous roles in declaring Biafra a secessionist enclave, and their help in levying genocide against the Igbo, should come to a contrite heart. And their contrition is not to assuage the Igbo, but their own souls. In fact we can tell that June 12 would not have happened if Gowon and Awolowo did not renege on and repudiate civilization. They did this in the guise of shredding their own signatures and initialled documents or so supporting. These are the facts as are historically verifiable. In a sense then this current state of Nigeria is in and a fulfilment of the purpose and aims of the repudiation of civilization by Gowon and Awolowo. Yes they may not have intended it so, but the laws of gravity and nature, do not work to fit men’s intentions. They work in spite of men and potentates. This is an iron lore. Nigeria ronu.

Lest we forget many from the Southwest argue that what happened in Biafra was of wars as against the peace of the annulment of elections. Firstly, Gowon repudiated civilization in peace before he triggered a war. So Gowonic war of genocide followed his abandonment of civilization or duly signed contracts. And the annulment of duly processed elections is Gowonic and anti-civilization, just as the annulling of initialed contracts and protocols. Elections are contracts, not drama. And if Awolowo and the Southwest approved of Gowonic shredding of initialed contracts and agreements, they must also approve of the annulment or shredding of election results. This is an iron lore. That is why the devil has advised men to be careful all what they ask of God. The Great Architect of the Universe, might just as well grant them their petitions. History is God’s flying carpet. Ahiazuwa.

What I too will tell the Southwest, the North and the rest of them, is to ‘’Drive safely, keep to your lanes, the universe is a treacherous freeway.’’ Mother A’Endu. Ahiazuwa.

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