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EDITOR’S DESK: 2019 GENERAL ELECTIONS!!! Atiku Abubakar, For Your Immediate Attention, By Salisu Abdulai

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His Excellency,

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar,

My name is Salisu Abdulai, I am the Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria, and I am writing you this letter as a concerned citizen of our great country, Nigeria, as we approach a very crucial election year, in 2019.

For the first time in a very long time in our democratic dispensation, Nigerians, mostly the youths, have decided to take part in the country’s general elections, with various campaigns ongoing since last year, encouraging people to get their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, so they can participate in the elections, and in return PICK their Leaders.

However, within the past months of the various elections that have taken place in the country, there has been a serious issue of massive rigging of the elections, for lack of better choice of words, which has left many concerned Nigerians, including myself, to wonder, of what essence would the PVCs which have been collected by millions of Nigerians, who are willing and ready to choose their new Leaders through the ballot, be, if this should be the case in the 2019 general elections, most especially, the Presidential election, in which you will be contesting.

I decided to address this to you specifically, not only because your party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is the main victim of this massive rigging as I earlier termed it, but mostly and also because, you are the most popular Presidential Candidate, in whom many Nigerian families are looking up to, as the person to salvage this country and get it working again.

Your Excellency, I do not think this matter of election rigging should be slept on. Also, I do not think we should wait for the elections to be rigged, and then run to the Election Tribunal, which at this time cannot be fully trusted, to go seek for justice, as that would amount to wasting of time; and who knows how much lives may even have been lost out of desperation during the elections.

As a way forward, and as a way to lead us into the elections, as so many Nigerians are counting on you, I would suggest that you take charge of the situation; push for dialogue with the Federal Government and its party, the All Progressives Congress, APC; openly seek for free and fair elections, without hindrance from the Security Forces, which are under the direct control of the Federal Government.

A move where all the main political parties come together to sign an agreement with the Federal Government publicly, not in private, on live Television, agreeing not to interfere with the election process, would be a great welcome development, and a first in the history of Nigeria’s democracy.

Any other suggestions by His Excellency, would be greatly appreciated; but I would really like to emphasise that the millions of Nigerians that have collected their PVCs, and are looking forward to vote in the coming elections, do not want their votes to be in vain.

Thank you.

Salisu Abdulai, Editor-in-Chief, Post-Nigeria.


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